MetaBrands Getting MAGE Price Feeds Across Bridges

On the 18th of May, SupraOracles announced integration with the metaverse gateway MetaBrands through a blog post. The integration will be a milestone in the project’s journey to bring together various aspects of the metaverse under one unified umbrella. SupraOracles will assist the project by bringing secure price data to different chains as the ecosystem expands.

MetaBrands is a collaborative attempt by people across the globe to bring a simple gateway to access the metaverse. The project brings over 30 years of digital experience to the web3 world. Once the project realizes its vision, MetaBrands will be a vast space that offers insights and expertise for gamers, participants, developers, organizations, and brands to find their way through the web3 maze.

The project has announced its plans to create a multi-utilitarian decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The DAO will offer several features like portfolio management, NFT accumulation, participation in Play-to-Earn games, and access to virtual landscapes from user-owned ecosystems. Other plans involve revenue sharing with local communities in exchange for their development and management services.

The MetaBrands DAO will be able to bring together the best of everything from the blockchain industry, including gamers, developers, artists, and marketing experts. MetaBrands has a native coin that goes by the ticker symbol MAGE. Users will be able to use this ERC-20 token for making utility and governance decisions through voting or proposing new ideas for network development. 

When MetaBrands expands to more chains, the cross-chain protocol from SupraOracles will prove key for the DAO. Moreover, the oracle solution’s cross-chain protocols will be used in the eSports events organized by MetaBrands.

However, security is considered an essential function of the oracle solution. Yes, SupraOracles brings the data from external sources and packs it into tamper-proof blocks during cross-chain connections. With accurate proof data, MetaBrands can get its Heroes NFT collection to multiple marketplaces and push its revenue up further.

SupraOracles is a tool that connects the traditional trading market with web3 ecosystems. The network offers one of the most secure oracle solutions, which developers and projects in web3 can leverage.

The SupraOracles network collects real-world data and links them to public and private blockchains through interoperable smart contracts. As cross-chain connectivity is seen as the future of the blockchain industry, SupraOracles has invested its entire interest in developing essential tools toward this end. The oracle solution is already well known among developers for the sustainable and faster data application tools it offers. 


DAO Adviser of MetaBrands, Wilson Duarte, believes that the integration will be critical in their mission to create portals throughout metaverses with the MAGE tokens. CEO Joshua Tobkin from SupraOracles also looks excited to work with an innovative project such as MetaBrands.

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