MetaBrands Partners with StakeCube to Expand Metaverse

To build a deeper involvement in the Metaverse, MetaBrands is pleased by announcing the strategic relationship with These projects will work together to develop efforts to deliver an easy onboarding experience for new employees and a more engaging experience for veterans. Joint marketing efforts, bringing collections of NFT, involvement of DAO, joint participation for yield, eSports cooperation, game creation, and more are among the projects planned.

Post-launch of the latest MAGE Token and StakeCube V3, the firm will come out with several different releases and campaigns to help and educate users of Metaverse. Initially, the MAGE token will get listed on the StakeCube using trading pairs.

Following the MAGE token’s launch, a trading competition will be held, with top traders earning awards in Cryptocurrency and NFTs. There will be further details in the coming weeks, and traders will have the opportunity to obtain unique MAGE Token Card NFTs on StakeCube.

The MAGE Relic NFTs will be integrated into StakeCube’s platform, with owners receiving various privileges and incentives. This implies that owners of MAGE Relic NFTs will receive even more incentives and perks outside of the MetaBrands ecosystem.

About StakeCube

StakeCube was founded in 2018 in the form of an easy-to-use platform for staking and Proof of Stake-based currencies. Still, it has since evolved into a Cryptocurrency investment platform and exchange with a diverse variety of assets over a standard trading system. Native Blockchain, token, protocol, mining, eSports, and others are all part of the ecosystem. StakeCube introduced its unique StakeCube Protocol to make Blockchain development easy for the typical individual (SCP). The SCP acts as the smartchain layer that enables NFTs, Oracles, dApps, and other DeFi features on the independent, native StakeCube Blockchain.

About StakeCube Ventures

StakeCube has created StakeCube Ventures, the latest chapter of the ecosystem that invests in freshly launched initiatives in web3 innovation, DeFi, and Metaverse. SCV made its first investment in MetaBrands in the Private Round.

1,000 SCC Giveaway

MetaBrands will reward 1,000 SCC to express their thanks and joy for their cooperation with StakeCube. These 1,000 StakeCubeCoins may be used to set up a Masternode on and get a year of free hosting!

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