MetaFighter Teams Up with Martians Vs. Rednecks

NFTs have grown to encompass a larger portion of the DeFi sector. As NFTs see increased adoption in several areas ranging from gaming to the music industry, we have seen popular names making a move towards it. Solana’s new payment environment is reported to have dedicated significant attention to making it NFT-friendly. Grammy award winner John Legend, too, is currently building an NFT powered platform for musicians and entertainers.

Although these are considered positive developments for the NFT marketplace, gaming still remains its stronghold. Gaming and NFT have, in the course, become interchangeable due to the pervasiveness of NFTs among gamers and the atmosphere that helps their adoption. Thanks to these, the NFT Market volume soared from millions to trillions in less than a year. Now, even giant technology companies like Microsoft have expressed their interest in exploring the potential of this area through gaming.

Following this trend, MetaFighter has finalized a partnership with Martians vs. Rednecks.  MetaFighter is a blockchain-based arcade game that utilizes the NFT model to help players earn while playing. The game has characters and items which can be used, traded, and stored as NFTs. It uses smart contracts to secure and bring unique values to the tokens used within the ecosystem. The players can also earn fight tokens while playing against others from around the world. 

MetaFighter will now include the NFT collection from Martians vs. Rednecks in the game. MvR is a project that creates a hand-drawn collection of characters from a science fiction narrative involving aliens from Mars. The NFT collection contains characters ranging from native Americans to Martians created meticulously with great backdrops. Through this partnership, loyal collectors of MvR will now have access to exclusive benefits and perks from MetaFighter. The new NFT in the game would have more benefits than any other existing NFTs. The partnership[ will allow real-world access to limited edition comics.

NFT holders will have access to the Metaverse clubhouse and a bowling pit from the creator. Loyal holders will get a chance to attend exclusive events, parties and have a chance to meet popular figures from the NFT space.  MvR also offers discounts from select merchants from the real world. This partnership is expected to play a pivotal role in the implementation of blockchain-based, NFT-powered games in the future. More excitingly, players of MetaFighter will get to play characters from Martians vs. Rednecks in the future.

Scott Cook

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