Metagalaxy Land embarks to emerge as a blockchain-based next-gen MetaFi universe

Metagalaxy Land is all decked up to transform itself into a next-generation blockchain-based and highly advanced MetaFi platform. Metagalaxy Land happens to be an NFT MetaFi project and is positioned on the BSC network. It also is a highly advanced blockchain-oriented metaverse exposure platform. Through this, various genres of users and players happen to actively engage together in work-based activities. They also find themselves in the position of achieving awards for themselves, all while exploring and finding new and fresh forms of artifacts.  

However, As an integral part of this transformation, it will very soon introduce the Play-to-Earn feature. This activity awaits to be carried out on its metaverse platform sometime within the first quarter of 2023.

Furthermore, the transformation will be in terms of Space Cowboys and Space Pirates. The concept is for both of these types of users to be working to attain better tier yields, coupled with rewards, ships, and the associated buildings. They will also be in the position of creating, constructing, and exploring higher tiers, together with more unique artifacts.

With all this happening, Metagalaxy is putting together exposure to the metaverse for all its users, which will be an enhanced version with the incorporation of NFT and Play-to-Earn features. The reason it is called MetaFi, instead of GameFi. In their belief, it will soon be possible for users to position themselves on another planet and give themselves a new life with ever-advancing technologies and innovations. The feature for terraforming, therefore, has been added. Coupled with the Pla-to-Earn feature, users earn while contributing to the metaverse. It seemingly, will all begin with the Decentralized Planet that has been set up, which will be the stepping stone for all the connected players.

Meta galaxy Land, in retrospect, happens to signify the new future, going beyond the imaginations of the user in creating a metaverse of their own. The whole idea is to provide a suitable platform wherein the users can play, work, and even for themselves. However, to add to this, it has been created with Unreal Engine 5, its drawings being done in 3D.

Trevor Holman

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