Metaline selects Arbitrum for max utilization of opportunities

Metaline happens to be extremely excited in making their formal announcement of having selected Arbitrum for their first and formal positioning. The reasons happen to be many, but the prime factor that overtook everything else is the fact that it happens to be, as of date, the quickest-growing layer 2. Coupled with that is also the fact that it has one of the lowest transaction costs, unlike Mainnet. To its sheer credit, it has more than 51% of the total TVL market share, which happens to be more than $2.6 billion. 

Arbitrum, in actuality, becomes of great help in the case of users, as well as projects having huge amounts of transaction volumes. This would be particularly in the case of game developers, social projects, and also blockchain applications in terms of NFTs and DeFi. It also fits in where the blockchain game contains a great level of interaction, just as in the case scenario of Metaline. The two factors that also seemingly play a big role are the low cost where the transaction fees are concerned and the inexpensive positioning cost. 

There also happens to be another factor that caught the eye of Metaline, and that is the Arbitrum NFT Game community. They feel it is extremely close-knit and most dedicated to the creation of Game projects, keeping the future of the developers, as well as the holders, in view. Their present plans are to work on and enhance the overall Web3 gaming experience. Ever since the year 2022, Metaline has involved itself in public testing and taken up the required upgrades of both the website, as well as the core product. Now their plans are to launch their Web3-based sailing strategic game sometime in the month of March 2023. 

Where Metaline is concerned, it happens to be a large-scale Web3-based multi-connect game for the sake of nautical management and also adventure and gameplan. It happens to contain six system models, which include systems related to both products, as well as trading. There also happens to be the scaling method, coupled with the port system, combat system, NFT method, and ecosystem.  

On the other hand, Arbitrum happens to be an Ethereum upgrading solution that has been created by Offchain Labs. It has an entire plethora of Ethereum scaling solutions that help in bringing about high throughput, along with less costly smart contracts. 


However, through due process, it manages to stay trustless and safe. It also happens to be utilizing an approach called optimistic rollups for the recording of bunches of handed-over transactions carried out on the Ethereum main chain. This is duly implemented on low-costing and upgradable layer 2 sidechains and, at the same time, utilizing Ethereum for the assurance of accurate results.   

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