MetaMask and Meld team up to boost global crypto access

The famous cryptocurrency wallet, MetaMask, is expanding its international presence and making it easier for users to access its services. This partnership with Meld, a cutting-edge financial technology firm, aims to connect diverse regions including North America, Europe, and Africa. It will enable more people to engage in digital currency transactions freely and conveniently.

The integration of multiple payment providers keeps MetaMask relevant and expands its ability to process cryptocurrency purchases across the globe. This enhancement is important because it not only expands the pool of financial services available to users but also provides additional payment methods for purchasing and maintaining cryptocurrency. Throughout its development process, the MetaMask review often highlights the platform’s dedication to enhancing user accessibility and experience, now further bolstered by the collaboration with Meld.

Meld plays a crucial role in this partnership, and it is not only limited to payment transactions. Meld is a financial technology infrastructure platform that links different service providers via its highly reliable API and convenient UI fragments. This integration aids the developers in their ability to introduce new services and enhances the customization of financial transactions, thereby increasing efficiency.

Since its inception in the last quarter of 2023, Meld has grown to be instrumental in MetaMask’s expansion in strategic markets including Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. For example, with the help of Meld, MetaMask was able to launch Koywe in Latin America and Unlimit in Europe, so users from these regions could easily onboard.

Furthermore, with this collaboration, MetaMask has been able to penetrate the market deeply through partnering with financial giants such as Robinhood in the United States and in Europe and Africa. It allows users who already have accounts on these exchanges to transition between their DeFi applications and their centralized exchanges effortlessly. This seamless integration is crucial for fostering a more connected ecosystem for digital assets.

In the second quarter of 2024, Meld took a step further in its partnership with Mesh and MetaMask’s portfolio team. This led to the creation of a new feature that allows users to view their balances on other centralized exchanges. As pointed out in a previous blog post, this progression marks Metamask’s continually enhanced competencies as a result of this synergy, benefiting users with more choices and functionalities.

The integration of MetaMask and Meld is an important move toward a future where using cryptocurrencies is much simpler. The partnership aims to improve MetaMask’s usability, making it more accessible to both existing and new users. The integration of MetaMask’s services with Meld’s technology not only serves current customers to a great extent but also brings new customers into the world of crypto in an effortless way.


The MetaMask mobile app or the Portfolio website are the two options for individuals wishing to experiment with these enhanced features. It has the potential to revolutionize the manner in which individuals interact with and utilize their digital currency worldwide, which is why it is considered a new frontier for fintech in the context of cryptocurrency.

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