Metanyx Gears Up for 2020 With Interesting Roadmap


Metanyx, if to be described in simple words, is like a junction where many blockchain experts and enthusiasts work together, sync their skills, passion, experience, and vision to develop the blockchain ecosystem a notch higher. The platform offers cutting-edge, well-grounded staking services. The fact that the platform has been able to deliver a performance of 99.999% achievement in block production across various networks speaks volumes about the caliber of Metanyx. This staking platform aims to offer its customers attractive yields on their investments in order to push the returns’ percentage to the maximum level possible.

What makes the Metanyx class-apart?

Metanyx has earned the spot of being counted amongst the best platforms with the help of its unique feature that set it class-apart:

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  • It’s a high availability platform: The high availability structure of Metanyx allows it to provide blocks. For instance, the platform offers N+1 architecture to the AION network for block production.
  • Strong Security: Metanyx makes use of SeLinux, Firewalls, and Live Log monitoring that backs up the platform’s nodes with the strength of security.
  • Node availability alerts and Monitoring: Every time there is any node available, the platform sends alerts. It monitors the endpoints, checks the node availability, screens real-time log data, undertakes the processing task, and manages configuration alert metrics with the help of Google Stackdriver. With the help of the external and internal alerting, the platform manages to go for 99.99% uptime. Further, in order to maximize the returns, the platform also offers a strong and stable block production infrastructure to the voters.
  • Flexible Scalability: The staking platform has a unique feature to go up or down in terms of its nodes in an automatic manner based on the requirement of the capacity.
  • PoS Utility Consensus Testing: Metanyx tests the PoS Utility Consensus on the Amity test net. It is involved in the continuous production of reliable blocks.

The journey of Metanyx by far:

Metanyx has always been involved in supporting IOST (Internet of Services) and IoTex blockchains. It is also often seen taking active participation in the decentralization of ICON and the implementation of AION. Here are a few landmarks that the platform has achieved so far:

Achievements in the field of Internet of Services (IOST):

  • When it comes to IOST, Metanyx leads international validatory
  • The platform has been an important contributor in Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 of 2019
  • Metanyx has launched its first-ever token called- ‘METX’on IOST Blockchain
  • The platform has won Developer Bounty
  • It has developed IOSTPay for Oscommerce, IOST Analytics (GraphQL), and IOSTPay for WooCommerce

Achievements in the field of IoTex (IOTX):

  • Reports say that the platform has been the “Top producing validator (production/expected production >101%)”
  • With its focus on community development and platform monitoring, Metanyx has conducted airdrops for VitaBot VITA token.

Achievements in the field of ICON (ICX) and OAN (AION):

  • Since the launch of ICON back in 2018, the platform has developed its many folds and has successfully created ICONPay for WooCommerce.
  • In terms of OAN (AION), it has achieved its spot in the top 3 performing validator.

What does 2020 have in store for Metanyx?

Metanyx is a strong face representing the blockchain ecosystem from the UK. The platform has clear ambitions in terms of achievements it will seek this year. The platform says that the main focus of it will be on innovations that will yield real-world adoption. As per reports, the platform is aiming at the following this year:

“Our ambitions for 2020

  • UK Leading Public Validator
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Interoperability
  • Working with regulatory bodies on accreditation
  • Deploy networks for University, Financial Services, and Governments
  • Extend METX token across chains
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) Based Analytics platform (multi-chain)
  • DeFi contract development (AVM, IVM, EVM, SCORE)”

Also, Metanyx will be seen participating in several blockchain-related events in the UK as well as across Europe.

  • From March 5 to March 6th, the platform will be attending Blockchain Week in London, UK.
  • On March 11th, it will be attending ISC2020, at Edinburgh University, Scotland.
  • From March 17 to 18th, Metanyx will attend the Blockchain Expo, London, UK.

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