Metastrike Aims to Fairly Distribute In-Game NFTs Through Chainlink VRF

Non-Fungible Tokens, popularly known as NFTs, represent a certificate of ownership of a digital asset like music, video clip, or even a meme. Since the time it has been integrated into the iGaming industry, NFTs have taken a turn to enable players to purchase a piece of virtual land.

The original creators of NFTs retain the right to earn a royalty for every time their creation is traded in the NFT marketplace.


Chainlink allows users to access, build, and sell oracle services, enabling them to power hybrid smart contracts on a blockchain. The network secures an amount worth billions of Dollars for major industries like insurance, gaming, and DeFi, among many others.

Enterprises of all sizes are offered a universal gateway to all blockchains through Chainlink. Users who access the smart contract offering of Chainlink can reliably connect to any external API of their choice.

Metastrike is a multiplayer first-person shooter game that is based on blockchain technology. The game is loaded with all the advanced features that a player may require when playing the game: astonishing visuals and modern gameplay support Metastrike.

Players are allowed to trade tokenized items in return for weapons. Metastrike assures transparency to those who trade in in-game tokenized items.

Metastrike x Chainlink VRF

Metastrike has integrated Chainlink VRF on the BNB chain to access tamper-proof and auditable randomness sources. Through this integration, Metastrike will be able to distribute in-game NFTs fairly and with complete transparency.

User experience is sure to go through a lot of improvement as players would be able to see that everyone in the community is getting an equal opportunity of discovering a rare NFT in the game.

Chainlink VRF will support the mint mechanism of Metastrike by combining the block data. Metastrike will accept the input value only if it has a valid cryptographic proof, which can be generated through the tamper-proof VRF process.

The process begins with a smart contract making a call to Chainlink VRF when a user opens the NFT box of Metastrike. It is followed by Chainlink VRF accessing the verifiable random number that has been used in the minting process.

Chainlink VRF generates at least one random value and one cryptographic proof for every request made on behalf of the users. Metastrike gets in hand the tamper-proof result as a proof is published and verified on-chain before getting used by any application.

Peter Nguyen, the Founder of Metastrike, said that Chainlink VRF helps to ensure that all the players get equal access to the rarest in-game NFT. Peter Nguyen added that security is never compromised through Chainlink VRF while it enables smart contracts to access random values.

Metatrike chose Chainlink VRF as its functions are based on cutting-edge academic research and a time-tested oracle network.

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