MetaUp Metaverse Brand Marketing Summit 2022 Successfully Held in Shanghai

On July 29, MetaUp Metaverse Brand Marketing Summit 2022 was successfully held in Shanghai, organized by CC Global and metaverse media Metaverse-Family,co-organized by Nanjing Niushou Mountain Tourism and Culture District,

With the theme of “Meta-species, Meta-growth,” the summit covers multiple exciting content sections such as “New marketing changes under the awakening of Metaverse,” “Virtual digital human + NFT, fully empowering brand marketing,” “Immersive, virtual fashion brings a new paradigm of marketing.” The summit, which attracted more than 300 participants from domestic and international metaverse technology companies, web3, NFTs, Brands(luxury goods, fashion, and apparel, automotive, real estate, beauty, food, and beverage), live e-commerce, and cultural travel industries to discuss the exciting future of metaverse brand marketing.

MetaUp Metaverse

At the opening ceremony, the president of China Advertising Association, Zhang Guohua, and CEO of CC Global & Metaverse-Family Turf Huang delivered a wonderful opening speech; Turf Huang said: that among the three elements of “People, Product, and Place,” Virtual space is particularly important, Virtual space bears the weight of gathering people: social scene, exhibition service scene, shopping scene, entertainment scene; only first Brings together popular, then Brand Marketing is valuable.

At the present stage, there are still a lot of spaces to improve Virtual space, such as Average concurrent users multi-scenario, Interactive Functions, etc. The day the virtual space product maturity will be the metaverse brand marketing booming.

Metaverse Brand Marketing Summit 2022

A signing ceremony of key projects was also held at the summit; Nanjing Niushou Mountain Cultural Tourism Zone reached strategic cooperation with CC Global, Unicom Womusic,, SenseTime, and, which will accelerate the high-quality and clustered development of Metaverse cultural tourism industry and build a Metaverse industrial base with Chinese characteristics.

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