Metaverse AI announces partnership with EthSign

Metaverse AI has published an official blog post to announce that it has partnered with EthSign to change the course for digital humans and assets. The NFT industry has been struggling to implement the mechanism of verifying trust for characters and assets. With the partnership between Metaverse AI and EthSign in place, that is very well taken care of.

Known as a groundbreaking development, the partnership will enable users to showcase that their digital avatars and assets are unique and authentic in every possible way. This will be done by verifying their sources, which need to be original as well. This adds a new level of trust and transparency to the ecosystem. It will likely take over the entire NFT industry in the coming times, provided the partnership delivers fruitful results.

EthSign is credited with the development of the EIP-6066 proposal. It is a signature validation method that makes NFTs powerful enough to be used as a stamp of approval. However, only organizations can claim to use NFTs as stamps.

Now no matter the virtual assets in the metaverse—wearables or fashion—the trusted sources will be verifiable. This would further provide enhanced security to virtual celebrities and digital humans. Some of the departments that will collaborate under the partnership of Metaverse AI and EthSign are marketing, technical, and user growth.

EthSign brings the convenience of connecting Web2 and Web3 through traditional agreements and smart contract signing. Metaverse AI provides leadership in providing digital avatar technology for the NFT industry. Not to forget, in-game assets will qualify to be verified under the partnership.

EthSign is backed by investors including, but not limited to, Balaji and Sequoia Capital. Its objective is to revolutionize the way a user approaches an electronic agreement. EthSign is responsible for bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 by connecting both of them through the traditional agreement and an upcoming smart contract. This creates a seamless and interactive interface between the two webs.

Defined as the electronic signing platform, EthSign brings what users need most: the power of decentralization and verification that is based on the consensus-based signing process.

Metaverse AI lives up to its name across the globe by offering Artificial Intelligence and Web3 services. The roadmap laid out by Metaverse AI is aimed at building advanced AI-powered digital humans and technology via mixed reality. The team behind Metaverse AI has a lot of experience in virtual reality and augmented reality. Moreover, they have developed products for the customers of companies like Google, Meta, and LinkedIn.

Metaverse AI is one of the companies that NVIDIA’s AI Inception has selected to promote the development of a metaverse that is open to all.


Considering the quality of branding Metaverse AI and EthSign bring to the partnership, it is right to assume that the NFT industry could see some big changes in the days to come.

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