Metaverse Beauty Week welcomes its first brands

Metaverse Beauty Week (MBW) will be hosted from June 12, 2023, to June 16, 2023/ The event will feature Roblox, Decentraland, and Spatial. Several brands are managing their way to get a spot in the event, for it enables them to engage with their existing community and further connect with the Web3 gaming community.

Some of the brands that have already expressed their interest, or rather registered themselves for Metaverse Beauty Week, are Neutrogen, Lush, Ulta Beauty, and Lottie London. Titled Reality Gets A Makeover, the event celebrates having a bunch of brands on the list a month before it goes on the table.

The brands are now tasked with reimagining their products as digital wearables, AR filters, and gamified tools. Fans, especially of social gaming in the Web3 environment, are more likely to leverage the opportunities that will be presented to them. What really makes Metaverse Beauty Week the best Metaverse event as of now is that more brands are expected to get onboard until next month.

Members of the community, needless to say, are excited about this, with most of them now looking forward to the event.

This will be the first time for Neutrogena to make an appearance in the digital world. The development of the brand follows Johnson & Johnson filing a trademark application in March 2022 for digital goods. Other brands, however, have a different story to narrate.

Brands, including Lush and Lottie London, look at Metaverse Beauty Week as a chance to test their initiatives in the sphere of Web3. The metaverse event rather gives them a larger stage to demonstrate and check what their respective Web3 initiatives can do and what can be done to improve the areas where they lack.

Lush, out of all brands, is excited about Metaverse Beauty Week being hosted in the coming month. The brand left Instagram and Facebook sometime in November 2021, citing that those were not good platforms to be at for the brand. That has still not affected the presence of the brand, for it now relies on a dedicated Discord channel where the community can interact with the brand.

Lush features in the top 5% of brands on Reddit and has over 81,000 fans to its name.

Annabelle Baker from Lush has said that for them, being at Metaverse Beauty Week is all about community, and the focus while engaging in the Metaverse will be on rewarding the participants with a special IRL. The metaverse event will see its visitors have more information about the event in the days to come, subject to when Lush rolls out more information.

Metaverse Beauty Week is the third such event for Lottie London, with two Decentraland activations launched last year in May. Lottie London enters Metaverse Beauty Week next month with a gamified vending machine in Spatial, where visitors will be able to get their hands on product-inspired skins.

Trevor Holman

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