Metaverse.Network & Bit.Country partners with MEXC Global

Bit.Country, a metaverse service provider, and Metaverse. Network, a blockchain, has announced its partnership with MEXC Global. MEXC Global is a secure crypto asset exchange platform. MEXC Global will be launching its first Metaverse on Bit. The country aims to provide users with a wide range of networking and an exchange platform.

MEXC is a high-performance-based trading engine that has already established itself as one of the go-to platforms. Bit. The country is a user-based platform, and it supports user-created platforms. Each of the Metaverse has its own NFT marketplace that allows the users to mint their collections using the wide series of tools provided.

The team of Bit. The country coordinates with MEXC Global to provide a seamless bridge connecting Web3. MEXC Global would allow users to get secure, fast, safe services into the Web3 space. Being a popular choice among users as a leading crypto exchanger, it provides top-notch services, and now they are thrilled to bring its 10 million+ verified users across 170 nations to Bit. Country.

According to the MECX exchange review, MEXC has committed 10k NEER airdrops via a built-in campaign tool featured in MEXC Metaverse after onboarding.

Bit. The country will enable the tools for MEXC Global Metaverse users to experience an immersive space. The exchange and transaction will take place using the native currency of Bit. Country $NEER. After this collaboration, Bit. The country is looking forward to its growth and expansion in Web3 and becoming a pioneer of blockchain technology, Defi, and the Metaverse.

Trevor Holman

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