Meter to Use Chainlink Oracles to Provide Price Data to DeFi Apps

In an important development, the Meter has announced the association with Chainlink to provide price services to its developers for decentralized finance applications (DeFi). This will help developers access the right pricing data related to a variety of financial assets, including the likes of cryptocurrency, commodities, foreign exchange, and indices, among others. The joining of hands is considered an important step as it expects to comprehensively benefit all relevant stakeholders in the DeFi domain.

Finer Details 

Just so you know, Chainlink is one of the most reputable names in the industry, and its decentralized network service based on Oracle has carved out a place for itself. The company has a highly qualified team of developers, making sure that the transfer of the data is accomplished with the desired level of reliability and security. Now according to the new agreement, the Chainlink will provide data to Meter for the variety of its financial assets, and this coming together is expected to benefit both organizations in an equal manner.

Meter to Use Chainlink Oracles to Provide Price Data to DeFi Apps

Meter: An Introduction 

Meter has been steadily climbing the popularity ladder in the crypto space. The cryptocurrency has a number of distinctive features, such as a hybrid consensus protocol, which makes it quite fast in its transaction cycle. Contrary to other cryptocurrencies, the meter system can process around thousands of transactions per second in a totally safe and secure manner.

Another attractive feature of the Meter is its low volatility, which is an extremely important factor considering the bane of high volatility associated with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


It is very important to have access to reliable data and information in order to trade successfully in the cryptocurrency market. There is amazing automated cryptocurrency trading software such as that can help you to make millions without any manual intervention, but the requirement of the right data for the application developers couldn’t be overemphasized. In this particular context, the association of the Meter with Chainlink will go a long way in ensuring that the segment of DeFi continues to grow substantially in the future.

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