Metis to Get 100 Million Dollar Funding From Genesi DAC

Metis has received funding of 100 million dollars from VC investor group Genesi DAC, which is today’s headline. This will open the doors for a much-needed funding allocation in the ecosystem development sector. The group is led by Natalia Ameline, the co-founder of CryptoChicks.

Genesi DAC is actively and aggressively engaged in the  Ecosystem Development Program. Providing support to all projects that utilize the Metis Ecosystem is the program’s primary focus, and all relevant activities revolve around it. Allocation and distribution of the 100 million dollar funds for projects is the responsibility shouldered by Investors, who are also active DAC members. Onboarded projects with immense potential in building Web3 are targeted by Metis and Genesi DAC jointly. Then, with their assistance and guidance, they are launched, and their rise is closely and continuously monitored. 

In that case, It is now not only obvious but necessary to delve a bit into what goes on regarding the criteria for selecting viable projects for funding and the overall assistance from birth to growth. However, it is imperative to understand that all selected projects must be connected with Metis Ecosystem. 

Once all considerations and criteria fulfillment is considered, the next step follows. Genesi DAC selects certified teams with proficient team members and provides all the amenities. This would comprise adequate funds, networking opportunities, and every possible industry resource support. 

Considering the important role of the teams and their members in helping to support different targeted projects, let us try and understand the selection process. First and foremost, identifying a prospective project requires committee votes. Once decided, the members come into play. They are the ones responsible for the funding and being the support system. Genesi DAC by itself does not play an active part in this. Along with Metis, the other members are selected from Digital Finance Group, OKX Venture, M6, Waterdrip, and Metabull. Interestingly, they are all investor partners of Metis and therefore qualify. 

Having co-ordinated a joint and agreeable vision, Genesi DAC and Metis have chalked out their future course of action with meticulous planning.

In quarter3 and quarter 4 0f the year 2022, they will collectively and aggressively identify and begin the launch and build of targeted projects. As governance structures, Metis will employ Commons and Eco Nodes to effectively play their respective roles. The duty and responsibility of the Commons would be to formulate the proposals. At the same time, the Eco Nodes would be busy casting their all-important votes to reach a common ground and make a final decision. 

In all of this, the role of Metis would be to develop its version of a true Web3 application, which would be Decentralized, Individual Centric and Reputation- Power- Based. In turn, this will create a synergy-oriented ecosystem. 

Metis will launch new gaming programs in collaboration with Genesi DAC for all these activities.

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