MEXC Global now exceeds 10 million users; the meaning behind the upgrade color to “Ocean Blue”

As of September 2022, MEXC has reached a respectable milestone of 10 million users! To celebrate this unique achievement, starting November 18, 2022, MEXC will introduce a major brand color change to its global user base to spread awareness of what it stands for. After surveying customers directly during a limited roll-out in South Korea, the color has transitioned from MEXC’s original ‘Forest Green’ color scheme to a new, beautiful ‘Ocean Blue’ pallet.

At MEXC, our #1 priority is adhering to the principle of ‘Users Come First’. Upon further surveying additional global markets, the response has been overwhelmingly positive for ‘Ocean Blue’ – the change is now permanent. Vice President of MEXC, Andrew Weiner, states that users in Korea advocated strongly for the rebrand to ‘Ocean Blue’. “Following our evaluation, we tested the requested color upgrade with our passionate users from MEXC Korea. It was great to see the change so well-received, and MEXC is truly grateful for the customer insight that directly influences our views and image”.

Now, why ‘Ocean Blue’? Our blue oceans cover 71.35% of Earth’s surface, whereas the forest area accounts for just 7.27%. Forests are fragile and restricted to the land – but the sea is immense and limitless. ‘Ocean Blue’ incorporates ‘every river that flows into the sea.’ According to Weiner, ‘Ocean Blue’ also reflects MEXC’s brand identity more accurately. “We are calm and professional, open and inclusive, and powerful and innovative – inviting every user to dive deep and explore what treasures MEXC has to offer!”

MEXC was founded in April 2018. It is the world’s leading one-stop crypto shop and fastest-growing exchange. They offer futures, spot, ETF, NFT Index trades, staking, MX DeFi, and many other services for our special users.

“When we look back at MEXC’s history, ‘Users Come First’ has always been more than a motto – it is the recipe to our success,” Weiner said, which the improvement of the brand color can not exemplify.

MEXC significantly upgraded its Futures trading system and product functions in its June 2020 release. Before the upgrade, the operations, product, and technical teams spent months doing thorough consumer research, gathering feedback, and performing rigorous product testing. The improvements range from minute details to extravagant enhancements to customer journeys, including such examples as “Lightning Close” and “Leverage Multiples Adjustment”. All these upgrades came directly from MEXC’s skilled team and loyal customer feedback.

‘Users Come First’ has been the heart of the crypto industry’s essential values of decentralization and community spirit and MEXC bleeds this mantra. “It is because we put our users in the forefront and present them with our professional goods and services that we can have reached the accolades of reaching the highest liquidity in futures, spot, and ETFs in the second half of this year with constant efforts,” Andrew explained. “Please enjoy our rebrand and take comfort that you are in safe hands.”

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