MH Ventures Partners Sangnila Blockchain For Eizper Chain

The official newsletter from MH Ventures on June 8 confirmed its arrival in the GameFi ecosystem of the RPG Eizper Chain. Set to be a role-playing game, the new product is expected to bring GameFi to the next level in its evolution through a more polished and sophisticated outlook. The Sangnila Blockchain powers the game for better security and transparency during the gameplay.

GameFi has seen unreal development in the last few months, with numerous unique and lucrative projects springing up often. However, as far as the gameplay is concerned, it still reflected the themes of the 2D gaming consoles from the 90s. Eizper Chain is developed as a solution to this plight with several enhancements.

First, Eizper Chain is designed as a multiplayer game that you can play with all your friends and other communities. The RPG outlook is simple and designed to make the gameplay more fun and accessible for the players. And what’s more, it combines real-time gameplay with blockchain technology and allows players to earn from their in-game achievements.

The security part of the game is taken care of by the Sangnila Blockchain. The blockchain’s specific randomizing and cryptographic features ensure that everyone has a fair chance while playing the game. Not only that, but the robust infrastructure of Sangnila is also instrumental in offering the “exciting features and addictive gameplay” of this RPG.

The addition of Eizper Chain to GameFi is expected to be a key aspect in providing users a decentralized and secure role-playing gaming experience. Users will have unprecedented liberty in creating their avatars in the game and access various exclusive and bespoke weapons, items, and rare collectibles.

Now, the partnership with MH Ventures will add to the lucrative model of this RPG. The new partnership would allow the game “a new level of incentive for gamers.” They also hope the funds will be pivotal for strengthening the gaming and security infrastructures for a better GameFi experience.


On this joyous occasion, the tweet from the official handle of Eizper Chain stated that it was a memorable day for the community, and they are thrilled to announce the addition of a new venture capitalist.

Trevor Holman

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