MiCa releases EU crypto regulation with VeChain

Latest tweets by crypto experts have hinted towards MiCa introducing a new set of EU crypto regulations. The regulations will bring investor protection and legal clarity while unifying the EU crypto scene. Experts believe that the upcoming regulations will bode well with VeChain’s compliance levels.

Thus, the introduction of the policies will skyrocket VeChain’s market stature. MiCa demands transparency above all, and VeChain facilitates it thoroughly across its ecosystem. Moreover, the network has numerous use cases, such as anti-counterfeiting and supply chain.

Such properties merge well with MiCa’s aim to push responsible innovation. Other than that, MiCa is also putting heavy emphasis on cyber security, an area where VeChain stands strong. The network has a robust security system, making it a strong contender in the EU market.

A clear set of regulations means crypto users will gain legal certainty about blockchain networks. With more enterprises looking to create compliant blockchain networks, MiCa can revolutionize the crypto industry from its roots in the EU.

As expected, the news piqued traders’ interest surrounding VeChain. Many investors and traders looked for a precise VeChain prediction to understand how the currency will act in the upcoming months.

As of now, VeChain has gained a considerable 9% hike in market price. The token is trading at around 0.01832 dollars with a market cap of $1,330,784,69.

Since MiCa has expressed interest in prioritizing consumer protection, users expect VeChain’s price to go even higher. The network has made a point of introducing user-friendly policies, leading to better privacy and token recovery.

In addition, VeChain will also reap benefits from its smart contracts system if MiCa decides to extend support for automated transactions. 

David Cox

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