Michael Kantor from NFTier interacts with the HBAR Foundation

Michael Kantor, the Founder of NFTier, sat with the HBAR Foundation to interact about what they have created for the community. NFTier, in the most crisp form, is an all-in-one tool for NFT enthusiasts, with NFT being non-fungible tokens. The idea behind the creation of NFTier was to make sure that users get every type of information in a single place. This includes alerts and data, among many other pointers.

NFTier is driven by a large number of elements – Advanced Analytics, Customized Alerts, and Smart Contract Launchpad. Customers can access these features to make a decision that is based on information instead of sentiments.

What prompted Michael Kantor to create such a platform was their own struggle, or inconvenience, at the time of buying an NFT. The conundrum was about the value that he would get after the purchase. No tools were available to help Michael, and hence, he went on to create one himself.

Launching NFTier aligns with the mission of offering emotional satisfaction to customers once they have collected the set of digital assets.

Simply put, there is a chance that the buyer makes a purchase for NFT based on what their sentiments are inclined toward. Worse, they may be influenced by external sources like friends or general gossip over the internet, which is likely to be inorganic just to promote a specific digital asset. With NFTier by their side, users will always know what they are actually getting into, even if they are under the influence. They will know the level of value they are about to derive with the NFT.

The two major features that stand out are Listings Tool and Customizable Alerts.

The Listing Tool helps customers identify the best piece from the large list of NFTs. There is always a possibility that a single launch has multiple digital assets with little scope of going through each one of them. While a lot of details are best tried personally, it is safe to assume that NFTier comes loaded with an option to filter the list based on price and other similar factors.

Customized Alerts sound like customers are informed about a launch. It takes an unusual turn by sending alerts to customers about the average sale price, total sales, holders, and volume, to mention a few of the many points. Moving forward, Michael has said that they are working to introduce a feature that helps them, that is, customers, track any account virtually to get notifications about their sales and launch.

Notifications are currently subjected to 0.05 HBAR on a single update basis. Users can set other tokens on the profile as well, and the rate will be adjusted accordingly.

Advanced Analytics helps collectors to browse metrics conveniently. For creators, it means easy access to rolling out promotions and rewards for frequent or large buyers.

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