Microsoft’s Ion Launches on Bitcoin Blockchain

Microsoft is launching a decentralized infrastructure implementation, called Ion, on Bitcoin Blockchain. It would be the first major tech company to do so. Ion is an open source project that takes care of how companies and apps converse with each other. It is a world of so many interlinked networks it would make secure logins easier and more effective.

All the social profiles you own are, in one way or another, connected to each other which make your online data coherent and constant throughout the internet space. It also makes it easier for you to book tickets, make reservations, and register your company and so much more. It helps you stay connected with throughout the different social networks available today.

In all this connectivity, huge data is shared among the apps. This data is mostly your personal information that you enter in one or other social media. This information travels from one network to other and risks being tracked and taken by third-party trespassers.

A secure key build on top of Blockchain will help bring safety towards this information ever getting stolen from the open. It will allow users to connect various networks to each other and still have complete ownership of your personal data. Your private key in the blockchain will confirm your identity and make it known to the network that the person trying to connect is indeed who he says he is.

Moreover, it would allow you to stay connected on one network without being entirely depended on any other network. For example, if you have logged into an application, say Uber, using your Facebook profile, your Uber would still be running even if Facebook deactivates your account. This is made possible by the Private Key you get from the Ion.

Facebook’s Reluctance to Join the Bandwagon

Microsoft has been hosting conferences of all the dotcom networks to make this transition easier and to convince them to rally into the project. A lot of companies have shown a positive response towards the project and may soon be joining the project, except maybe Facebook.

Facebook has been consistently absent from these conferences and has shown no interest whatsoever in the project. It seems like a problem because most of the applications out there are accessed using Facebook profiles and Facebook coincidently, and allegedly, has the maximum data on their users than any other social network ever.

Facebook seems disinterested in Ion and is building its own Stablecoin to make transactions over Facebook possible. Their plans seem to be moving away from the other dotcom companies but are they not concerned about the security of the users’ information? Nobody knows for sure.

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