Microsoft Likely to Introduce Mini XBox at $60

Tech giant Microsoft might be better known for its Windows and Office software applications, but over the years the company has diversified into a range of businesses. However, one of the company’s biggest businesses is in gaming that draws in billions of dollars every year and it revolved around its famous gaming console Xbox. Over the past decade or so, it has grown into one of the world’s most popular gaming consoles and an entire ecosystem has grown along with it that has proven to be enormously profitable for the company. However, it is no good standing still when it comes to the world of gaming and it has now emerged that Microsoft is considering the introduction of a mini Xbox device for gamers.

According to reports, the company aims to introduce this product so that users on its Project X Cloud can enjoy gaming on a relatively cheap device. It is believed that the device is going to be priced at $60 and could truly help the company in making one of its more ambitious cloud products go mainstream. Over the years, Microsoft has also managed to become one of the world leading cloud-based services providers and remains one of Amazon’s main competitors in this particular space. The Project X Cloud is aimed specifically at gaming enthusiasts that offer game streaming and in addition to that allows them the chance to play from anywhere. Hence, the potential introduction of the mini device could help the company in leveraging the power of the Project X Cloud service considerably and perhaps usher in a different future altogether.

The mini device is expected to be far more portable than the regular Xbox gaming console, and in addition to that, the processing power in the device is going to be at the lower threshold as well. Over the past few years, Microsoft has grown into one of the most innovative tech companies in the world and that is particularly commendable since the company had hardly engaged in much innovation for much of the first decade of the new millennium.

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