Microsoft Tablet For Both Windows And Android To Be Launched Next Year

Throughout the course of the first decade of the new millennium, tech giant Microsoft generally lagged behind its peers and lost a lot of ground in the process. However, the transformation of the company over the course of the last half a decade or so has been nothing short of staggering. It has gone into new businesses and reenergized existing businesses to be regarded among the most innovated tech companies again. Its Surface brand is one of the more ambitious moves made by Microsoft in recent years and under that brand; the company is in the process of producing a new dual-screen tablet. However, the fact that the tablet is going to be a dual screen, one with 9-inch displays is not the biggest news.

The bigger news lies in the operating systems that are going to power the device. The tablet will run on both Windows and Android operating systems, which makes it a completely novel product as far as such devices are concerned. In addition to that, it is also important to point out that historically Microsoft has been zealous about the exclusivity of Windows as far as any device is concerned and perhaps this is another instance of the company ushering in a new culture altogether. The product is being called Centaurus by people within the company and it has been reported that the device will not run on ordinary Windows but on Windows Core OS. Windows Core OS has been specifically developed for devices like tablets and laptops, which is why the Centaurus will also be powered by it.

However, the availability of Android poses some tricky questions for the company. It is pretty much an admission that the apps available on the Universal Windows Platform are now redundant and the fact that Android may just be much more appealing to users than Windows. That being said, it is important to note that the tablet in question is a highly innovative one and the company’s decision to incorporate Android shows that Microsoft has now grown far more pragmatic.

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