MicroStrategy announces sale of $500M convertible notes to buy Bitcoin

MicroStrategy, which has set a precedent for risk-taking in its Bitcoin investments, disclosed that it plans to offer $500 million convertible senior notes due in 2032. This unique service, aimed exclusively at qualified institutional investors, is another testament to the company’s solid commitment to integrating Bitcoin into its operations.

The notes that represent the unsecured senior obligations of MicroStrategy will earn interest semi-annually, with the first payment due in December 2024. These notes will be due in June 2032 unless they are called, redeemed, or exchanged before maturity. Beginning from June 2029, MicroStrategy can opt for early redemption of all or a part of the notes using cash. But, at least $75 million should remain in the care of the bank being unredeemed under certain conditions.

If these notes are converted to cash, MicroStrategy’s Class A common stock or a mixture of both will be at the company’s discretion. Initially, the conversion is allowed under certain circumstances and during certain times until December 2031, and then it will be permitted at any time until shortly before maturity. The interest rate details, starting exchange rate, and other conditions will be determined after the securities are priced.

MicroStrategy’s recent financial decision to increase acquisitions of Bitcoin is well-planned and executed, making the company bullish on this digital currency. The plan is centered on using the proceeds from the offering to acquire additional Bitcoin and meet other business requirements. This is consistent with MicroStrategy’s mandate as a leader in adopting Bitcoin and its ambition to promote it globally.

MicroStrategy’s approach to integrating Bitcoin into its business model has sparked debates and analyses in financial and crypto communities. The company utilizes the cash flow from its enterprise analytics software and capital from equity or debt markets to invest in Bitcoin. It considers it a defensive and strong reserve currency for its vision to adapt to technological advancements and for the long-term monetary value perspective.

The Securities Act of 1933 limits the offering to institutional investors under Rule 144A. It has not been registered under the Securities Act or state securities laws. Therefore, unless an effective registration statement or an available exemption from the Securities Act’s registration requirements and any applicable state securities laws is in place, MicroStrategy’s notes or the shares of MicroStrategy’s Class A common stock that may be issued upon conversion of the notes cannot be made available to the public in the United States.

The disclosed plan to issue notes and increase Bitcoin assets demonstrates a significant commitment to their specific business model, which relies on technology and an innovative financial solution. Further, the company continues focusing on the blockchain offering and promoting “Intelligence Everywhere” through data analytics employing AI algorithms, which constitute one of the company’s critical operational strategies.


As MicroSector continues with this offering, it is still unknown what effect it will have on the company’s stock, solvency, and role in the technology and cryptocurrencies field. It will also help elucidate the general market’s view on using corporate finance techniques to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Harsh Chauhan

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