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Catapult Migration Group is preparing the ground for the launch of the Catapult project. The launch is expected to happen in Q1 2020, and in the run-up to the launch, the group is constantly updating the users and prospects about the ongoing developments. Among other aspects, the most important ones relate to the development of front-end technology and strategy for the project. Some of the key initiatives that the group has taken to streamline the launch process of the project have been explained below:

Front-end Technology Upgrade:

1) The group had already released the latest version of desktop wallet (v0.8.5), which is compatible with Catapult Testnet in addition to working with other blockchain networks. The process of integrating the latest protocols is currently underway, and in fact act, you can view the source code for the beta-test phase by clicking on the link GITHUB

2) For now, the Mobile Wallet is not available, although, in time, it will be released for both Android and Apple platforms as work in this regard is progressing at a frantic pace.

3) The demo version of the Block Explorer is already available for the demonstration. Explorer can be used on various private blockchain networks, and it will be compatible with Catapult Testnet (visit the link for source code: GITHUB)

4) The process of integrating the hardware wallet is also progressing smoothly, and the group is confident that the very soon the Trezor integration will be completed. The Labrys team handles the firmware integration of Catapult, and the exploration is also on to integrate Catapult for different ledger devices.

Development Process Strategy Upgrade:

1) The development team of the group is tasked with the responsibility of making required changes in the Fushicho 2 Server. The REST team is overseeing the code completion, and the update will be released soon by the group. The company has set the target of the last week of November to release an updated software development kit (SDKs) that can be retested for working and compliance.

2) The retesting will be done primarily for two aspects: performance testing and penetration testing. The third-party will conduct the latter as it will lend credence to the whole process. The testing will give the organization an idea of the lead time, which is an extremely important parameter for ensuring overall quality management of the process.

It can be safely concluded that both aspects of front-end development and strategy are going to be cornerstones for the successful launch of the Catapult project. It explains the comprehensive procedure adopted by the organization before it launched the project in a fully commercialized manner next year.

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