Mike Tyson Rejects Report Claiming Him Being Associated With Fight To Fame, Or Their Website

Disclaimer: This is an update of our previous article. It has now been corrected as per latest updates from confirmed sources.

In a twisting turn, legendary boxer Mike Tyson has denied his association with blockchain company Fight To Fame or its Countdown website. Reports emerged earlier this month that Tyson was the co-founder and head of the estranged company, a claim which clearly misguided the people.

In a statement on Twitter released a couple of days ago, Tyson denied his association and said,

I am not involved with Fight to Fame or their countdown website, nor will I be involved with anything related to Fight to Fame now or in the future. Any media reporting my current involvement isn’t accurate.

After the infamous company, headed by its CEO Shi Jianxiang, came to limelight by forging that it had a connection, there have been reports emerging on the internet which claim that Jianxiang is wanted by the Interpol and financial authorities in a fraud case. He had allegedly raised millions of dollars in the name of crypto companies, causing a loss of over a billion dollars to the users.

In an interview, Tyson’s wife, Lakiha Tyson stated that though they were in talks with the company for years before, they had made it very clear to them Tyson wouldn’t have any involvement with them. She added that Jianxiang had offered a casting role in a Japanese martial arts film, which resulted in outlining a deal between them and US-China Motion Pictures Association (USCMPA), and its strategic partner, MG Pictures. However, she confirmed that they had no idea about the ‘Tyson Token’, which Shi was planning to launch as a fan token for Fight To Fame. She said,

We had no idea that this was a way to launch this Tyson Token. We didn’t agree to this. I was fuming at this point.

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