Mila Kunis Celebrates Stoner Cats NFT Collection Sale

The creator of the Stoner Cats animated series, Mila Kunis, rejoiced when the NFT Collection sold out in only 35 minutes. The series covers the story of five cats that got high when they accidentally ingested medical marijuana. The entire cast of the series, including Ashton Kutcher, Jane Fonda, Vitalik Buterin, Seth MacFarlane, and more, received their payments in Ethereum for their role in the animated series. The Stoner Cats series was presented in the form of 10,420 NFTs worth 0.35 ETH, which amounts to around $800.

The American actress, Mila Kunis, produced and directed the series in her studio, Orchard Farm Productions, in collaboration with her husband, Ashton Kutcher. The series is essentially about an old woman named Ms. Stoner, a mom of mischievous cats. Ms. Stoner has Alzheimer’s Disease, for which she takes medical marijuana supplements. One day, Ms. Stoner’s cats take the supplements by, and that is when the curious adventures of the stoner cats begin. The animated series of the Stoner Cats is available only for the NFT holders. The recent sale of the NFTs raised more than $8.4 million, much to the amazement of Mila Kunis.


Although there is enough reason to celebrate, there is a downside to it due to the failed transactions that resulted in a loss of 344.4 ETH. The creator of the series of Stoner Cats is now looking forward to creating more content to raise more funds. This time, the funds shall be donated to aspiring musicians in Bangalore and artists in Oslo who do not receive any support from big media firms. Mila Kunis is also seeking to build an autonomous decentralized organization to provide token holders with the opportunity of expressing their views in the future direction of the series. The NFT collection of Stoner Cats shall act as lifetime passes for future content in the series. The Stoner Cats creator crew is being awarded 2.5% on each NFT sale in secondary markets that is a follow-up of the original sale in primary markets.

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