Miller Lite Partners with Vatom Labs to Create New Engagement Experience for Customers

Vatom Labs, a technology organization, recently began an association with the Miller Lite brewery to create an excellent client engagement experience for their products. Moreover, the beer brand is all set to utilize the blockchain technology to improve its latest client engagement. The most popular beer brand from the U.S. brewer Miller Coors, Miller Lite, has collaborated with a blockchain marketing organization for the newest run-through of its “Know Your Beer” program.

For its existing campaign launched on the 1st of July, Vatom Labs created what it describes as a mobile “edutainment game,” called Great Taste Trivia, that provided a 12-question test to cell phones, geo-targeting on clients in more than 230,000 restaurants and bars over the U.S. Players responding to all the 12 questions accurately get the chance to win a 5 dollar prize that can be utilized to buy Miller Lite. In this campaign, ten thousand prizes will be paid out through PayPal that keeps running until September.

Associate Marketing Manager for Miller Lite Lucy Bloxam says,

We’ve been looking for new and innovative ways to reach drinkers in the bar, on-premise. Great Taste Trivia allows Miller Lite to extend the success of Know Your Beer into the digital space. It’s new, it’s different, it is engaging, and it’s positioned to gamify drinkers’ time on-premise, helping make Miller Lite top of mind for the rest of the night.

The game is fun and simple for users, yet the game needs to confirm and promptly rewards its players. Vatom Labs used its exclusive creative platform that influences the blockchain to bring this new sort of client engagement to life. Moreover, by utilizing Smart Media objects, Vatom Labs was able to follow activations, engage, and attribute the reward based on those results and to the channel where the client was initially acquired.

Furthermore, having devised the experience with the need to verify and quickly reward players who complete the contest, Vatom Labs used its restrictive self-serve creative platform that influences the blockchain at the maximum.

The game will show up in social media channels, select applications, and programs through a geo-targeted media that will serve the game to clients found inside restaurants and bars. Others can get the game through QR codes on publications and other point-of-sale materials inside restaurants and bars. The game started on the 1st of July and will proceed through September.

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