Millionaire discloses crypto gems: SmarterWorx, STEPN, and Radix

The peak of the last bull market saw a rise in the number of crypto millionaires. Experts predict that the number will increase further at the onset of the next bull market. Although not clear when the bull market will resume, interesting projects in the DeFi space are revolutionizing the financial sector. One well-known millionaire who we interviewed, but wished to stay anonymous for this article, has a few recommendations:

New project SmarterWorx stands out alongside industry-leading STEPN and Radix.

STEPN and Radix are overextended

Stepn is the largest Web3 move to earn an NFT game by market cap. Its tokenomics are easy to understand. One has to move from one place to another, and in return, the ecosystem rewards the mover with tokens that can be exchanged for fiat. 

This blockchain game changes the traditional forms of gaming that require participants to sit in front of a screen and use play pads or joysticks. The game promotes healthy habits to gamers who, in most cases, are in poor health due to long hours of sitting in front of computers. 

On the other hand, Radix is an emerging piece of blockchain technology that uses sharding to provide users with linear scalability without compromising composability. This makes the network one of the most scalable platforms in the entire industry, as it allows consumers to meet heavy outputs on interoperable dApps that run simultaneously.

SmarterWorx is the future of digital art

SmarterWorx is an emerging protocol in the DeFi space that promises to open up expensive art investments to retail and middle-size investors. Purchasing art pieces such as the Mona Lisa may be a dream come true for retailers as the art piece is extremely valuable and expensive. SmarterWorx’s tokenomics solve this mystery by providing ARTX, the ecosystem’s native cryptocurrency. Here is how.

The project is currently on presale with ARTX selling for a discount from its launch price. After the official launch, the funds raised will be used to set up a treasury fund. The fund will allocate funds towards investing in ‘phygital’ art (hybrids of both physical and tokenized art). 

They use artists to create valuable art that will be tokenized and stored on the blockchain network. The tangible art will be held in a physical location, while the corresponding NFTs will be held in a secure virtual NFT wallet.

What makes this project even more interesting is its buy-and-burn feature. Once the held art appreciates, SmarterWorx DAO will vote to reach a consensus on selling any art on the ecology’s portfolio. 

After the sale has been successfully made at a profit, half of the returns plus the principal will be reinvested in the treasury fund. The remaining half will burn ARTX tokens reducing the token’s overall circulating supply. ARTX’s demand increases as a result.

SmarterWorx is a new ecosystem that will significantly benefit early birds who buy ARTX before the whales find the project and boost the token’s prices to new highs. Buy ARTX tokens today and start accumulating wealth.

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