Millions Join DeHorizon Metaverse Through A Partnership with PathDAO

DeHorizon announced its path-breaking partnership and synergistic association with PathDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization that puts the community first and helps in aggregating blockchain technology. This reputed online community is attracting the attention of users to blockchain gaming. With the announcement of this partnership, PathDAO aims to introduce the fundamentals of metaverse to millions of people. Based on statistical models, it is successfully foreseen that this association will lead to a larger quantum of residents whose work together will realize a resilient, robust, and prevalent Metaverse ecosystem. 

What is PathDAO?

PathDAO’s objective is to create dynamic and interconnected paths between various emergent technologies related to blockchain. PathDAO has been a trendsetter mainly for game creators. With the huge success of the gaming ecosystem, the developers are pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology to enhance and retain players of great skill in the present ecosystem. 

This framework will help those who have lost their livelihood and encounter income mismatches during the pandemic. PathDAO will be serving both the functions of creating a technologically superior blockchain platform and giving a fighting chance to those who are negatively affected by the pandemic. This synergistic path between the two companies will be a win-win situation for both gaming ecosystems and players. 

With over 41,000 active members, this highly engaged community has brought in the huge skill sets of more than 5000 scientific scholars with a secured investment and lucrative partnership contracts with over 30 top gaming companies in the market. 

DeHorizon and PathDAO

Presently, the internal test of DeVerse can be seen live at Their team of highly skilled technical personnel is clearing out the initial bugs in the system. The gaming guilds have put their esteemed interest in the synergy of their vibrant communities by posting friendly and positive feedback. 

With a strong 600 million population, Southeast Asia is becoming the center of GameFi markets, and the economies are continually growing. DeHorizon has been empowered by the resilient deep network capabilities of PathDAO, resulting in the accumulation of large droves of audiences based on content and engagement. 

The amazing amalgamation of the quality level of DeVerse as well as the impeccable vision of the DeHorizon has brought worldwide recognition for the structured and data-driven methodology. The majority of PathDAO members have a college-level education. This is seen as a unique differentiating factor over other platforms in building the game’s future. 

The community members can engage with the freely given Whitelist Drop Campaign apart from the initial internal test. “MyHighlights” and “Debug” are the latest new channels added to the Discord account of DeHorizon, which ensure a great user experience and get free DEVT vouchers for the players.

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