Mina Foundation & Polygon to Implement Support for Mina on Polygon

Polygon investors are thrilled by the news. As per the latest update, Polygon and Mina Protocol are on the path to provide support to Mina on the PoS of Polygon. The bridge would help developers to build applications on the Polygon mainnet. This will provide leverage verifiability and privacy through Mina’s protocol, based on the zero knowledge-SNARK protocol. 

According to Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder, Polygon, Ethereum is presently the blockchain by default to provide support to the economy of DeFi through financial options like lending, insurance, and savings. The PoS of Polygon will smoothly implement the enhanced verifiability and privacy powered by the Protocol of Mina. 

As per Evan Shapiro, CEO, Mina Foundation, they and Polygon cherish the shared aim of a completely decentralized ecosystem. They want dapps to empower the users to have full control over data privacy. They are thrilled with the verifiable and privacy-preserving applications launching on Polygon along with Mina.

Here are a few examples of dapps that could also be constructed on Polygon using Mina protocol:

  • Mina’s Snapps allows DeFi platforms that require KYC to draw in user data in a secure and private manner. (zero knowledge-SNARK applications).
  • Mina can be used by NFT architects who are want to keep a few details, such as possession info, a secret.
  • Social Media dapps can go on to verify that users stay on without the need to share the PII.

The Ethereum Foundation and Mina Foundation are going through the submissions regarding the common request of architecting zero knowledge-SNARK apps on the blockchain of Ethereum. 

The vision is to come up with a medium that can help dapps on the PoS of Polygon chain and various other Ethereum compatible virtual machine chains.

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