Mint Blockchain comes out with its much touted Mint Fast bridge

Mint Blockchain unleashes its much discussed Mint Fast bridge, through which it will be possible for users to shift assets with all beneficial facilities thrown in. These include undisputed acceleration, cost-effectiveness, and all safety aspects intact. 

Created for rendering service to lesser amounts, Fast Bridge brings to the table effective shifting, along with holding on to high end safety aspects and lesser fees. It is an all-inclusive service targeting lower-level asset transfers to the Mint. 

Mint Fast Bridge has multiple advantages, such as greater acceleration in the case of cross-chain transactions from all chains to Mint. In the case of fees, it charges the least gas fees. Its security standards are of the very highest level, and it is indubitably user-oriented.

To utilize the Mint Fast bridge, one must connect with the concerned website and link one’s wallet. Following the selection of chains, the moment arrives to enter the amount to be shifted, and eureka! The transaction is completed. 


In the case of carrying out deposits over 2 ETH or taking out over 0.5 ETH, the official Mint superbridge ought to be utilized. For bridging USDC, USDT, and WBTC assets, it is once again the official Mint superbridge for heightened exposure.

Scott Cook

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