Mint on Demand Functionality Announced By Fractal

Fractal has announced plans to launch Mint on Demand, a functionality that helps the developers of Web3 games save the time and cost of minting a digital item. The Web3 sphere is an ideal ecosystem for the games to grow; however, it comes with the challenge of handling millions of digital assets on the blockchain.

That is problematic as a lot of time and cost is involved in the process, making it difficult for the developers to handle the situation. Nearly millions of digital assets can be created and put up on sale or airdropped. This includes skins, weapons, and virtual real estate, to mention a few. The list varies based on the game.

Mint on Demand resolves the issue by allowing developers to develop an item only if the player has expressed the will to make the purchase. Mint on Demand is a part of the Fractal Developer toolkit that has been launched to serve the needs of Web3 game developers better.

One of the crucial benefits that the functionality offers is delaying the minting cost to the point where the player has expressed an interest in buying the item.

Developers benefit from Mint on Demand as it creates a continuous flow of revenue. Instead of making the digital assets on sale in bulk or airdropping to individuals, developers can process the requests slowly and make the items available in a phased manner. A continuous flow of revenue will go on to ensure that the projects are regularly funded.

Mint on Demand allows us to define the assets broadly. It paves the way for the introduction of the dynamic nature of the items, letting developers experiment with more liberty as there is little to no risk of failure. A cost is incurred only if the player demands the development of the asset. It further results in the minting of digital assets with a fresh perspective of introducing innovation.

The dynamic personality of digital assets goes a step beyond by opening up opportunities for user-generated content. NFTs can also be dynamic in the sense that they can incorporate metadata on the fly based on gameplay. A player who unlocks a certain level can be given the option of minting a non-fungible token to memorize the experience forever.

Players may choose to customize their NFT holding. For instance, they may build a map for the game, which can become a part of the growing collection of the other person.

Fractal has made all the necessary information available for developers looking to mint the in-game NFTs. Securing API tokens is crucial to proceed with providing the metadata of the NFT, which needs to be minted. Fractal responds with the translation to mint the new item. Fractal owns the responsibility of managing the treasury and updating the authority wallets on behalf of the developers.

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