Mint Songs Partners with MoonPay for Fiat-onramp Integration

Mint Songs has teamed up with MoonPay to integrate a direct fiat-onramp into its marketplace. Fans may now purchase and trade music NFTs by topping up their MetaMask wallet with Ethereum on Polygon through MoonPay. 

MoonPay is a financial technology startup that develops cryptocurrency payment infrastructure.

They started in 2019 with a straightforward goal: to encourage bitcoin usage. The firm began with just two young entrepreneurs, Ivan Soto-Wright and Victor Faramond, who set out to design a simple and secure software solution that would allow individuals from all over the world to engage in the largest digital revolution since the internet.

MoonPay is presently operating in over 160 countries and is used to collect payments and combat fraud by 250+ prominent wallets, websites, and applications. The business secured a $555 million Series A investment round in November 2021, valued at $3.4 billion, making it the largest and most valuable Series A for any bootstrapped crypto startup.


Mint Songs creates tools that allow musicians to transform their fundamental creative assets into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that they can sell or give away to their fans. Users may grow and exhibit their music NFT collections on our marketplace using the company’s NFT minter, which allows musicians to transform their songs (audio + album artwork) into eco-friendly NFTs for no minting expenses. Mint Songs’ mission is to assist as many musicians as possible in creating dynamic web3 communities and earning a sustainable and living income while doing what they love. Thousands of musicians can benefit from NFTs by better monetizing their music in the ever-growing digital collectors market. Mint Songs’ main goal is to assist as many musicians as possible in establishing a sustainable livelihood. Mint Songs’ main goal is to assist as many musicians as possible in generating a sustainable and living income from music.

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