MintDAO goes live on LayerZero to power ONFT process

MintDAO has announced that it is now live on LayerZero, commencing a new era of interoperability. The goal is to have a cross-chain NFT hub in the ecosystem. The announcement has been echoed by LayerZero Labs, with a special emphasis on powering the minting and bridging of ONFT, an acronym for Omnichain Non-Fungible Token.

LayerZero brings to the table the capabilities of a two-way cross-chain messaging system to benefit minting transactions.

MintDAO benefits from integrating three core categories: NFT mints, community, and features. The association between MintDAO and LayerZero is expected to increase the activity of minting NFTs while collaborating with partners in the industry. It will further expand the community by onboarding new members. Finally, MintDAO is looking to have cutting-edge tech features from LayerZero.

They have called these benefits and other mutual advantages the tip of the iceberg. Meaning, there are many more benefits that they are going to derive from this.

While LayerZero is fostering the partnership through its messaging protocol, MintDAO seeks to bring its unparalleled user experience and usability to the platform. ONFT has been teased as the gold standard for cross-chain non-fungible tokens in the market. MintDAO has called this an evolutionary leap, adding that LayerZero is the leading cross-chain protocol.

Moving forward, both will work to embrace the NFT Bridge and the ONFT Secondary Marketplace. Meanwhile, MintDAO and LayerZero celebrate their partnership with a free minting event. Participants can mint their tokens on any chain and bridge them wherever they want. Most of the community has responded positively to this development, calling it great news.

Connecting an EVM wallet to the platform before minting NFTs at MintDAO is necessary. The development comes days after MintDAO explained the importance of interoperability. A total of four factors have been covered in the explanation: risk, utility, use cases, and liquidity. MintDAO has appreciated the concept of interoperability by calling it a game-changer and stating that it connects different blockchains together for a convenient way to communicate and work in collaboration.

Interoperability facilitates liquidity by making it seamless for digital assets to move freely. Developers are empowered to tap into a set of unique strengths and features. Most importantly, it allows users to swap NFTs as per their preference. Use cases are better explained by the fact that developers are able to create specialized solutions for different networks.

Additional utility makes NFTs special since they can be on multiple chains. This goes on to reduce the risk of a single-point failure. Simply put, if one blockchain fails to operate, then the other blockchain can take over the operations, mitigating the element of downtime.

LayerZero and MintDAO announcing integration is a step forward—in the direction where the community benefits at large by minting digital assets on their favorite chain.

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