Minted launchpad eases NFT usage via free minting feature

Minted Launchpad is live, allowing users to mint and trade their favorite NFTs on the platform. Moreover, they can browse a wide range of collections with security and ease of use as top priorities.

With the step in place, A Hard Working Man is now being brought to the ecosystem by Animal Concerts in association with some of the top music icons of current times. Personalities who came forward were Billy Ray Cyrus, Snoop Dogg, and The Avila Brothers. The exclusive NFT collection will be minted on Cronos Blockchain through Launchpad.

Top-notch influential artists have crafted the pieces of artwork from the Web3 sphere. Holders of the NFT collection will qualify for amazing benefits like:-

  • Concert tickets
  • Backstage passes
  • Thrilling metaverse experience

A country-meets-hip-hop smash single inspires a Hard Working Man. It combines the visual appeal with an impressive spread of benefits that the holders can redeem at their convenience.

A limited number of the NFTs will later be available for minting on According to estimates shared by Minted, users can expect the same to happen by the fourth quarter of 2022. The artwork and utilities of the NFT collection have been brought to life with much support from NFT and Cointelegraph.

Matt Wan, the Director of Minted, called this milestone symbolic, adding that A Hard Working Man will incentivize fans and further drive community engagement. Expressing his excitement on behalf of the platform, Matt Wan commented that the NFT collection would also bridge the underlying gap between the users of Web2 and Web3.

Colin Fitzpatrick, the Chief Executive Officer & Founder of Aimal Concerts, acknowledged Minted’s success in the ecosystems of Ethereum and Cosmos. That indeed played a huge role in choosing Minted as the launch partner.

While talking about the mission, Colin Fitzpatrick highlighted that the music icons involved in the project have huge fan bases, which will help them make the NFT collection accessible to as many users as possible.

Minted Launchpad is credited with being secure and user-friendly. All the partners involved have expressed a positive attitude towards A Hard Working Man, growing tremendously in the times to come.

Holder-only benefits will also include access to merchandise and members’ events. Many more similar benefits are yet to be announced. In other words, users who get their hands on the NFT collection can expect rewards to rain on them without any count.

Minted is offering its users a chance to mint NFTs for free from November 03 to November 08. However, this is to celebrate the debut of the Launchpad at NFT London. The free minting will showcase how easy it is to mint NFTs and how many functions can be accessed by the users. Users can simultaneously stake $MTD to earn rewards while trading NFTs in the secondary market.

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