Minto Releases Primary Figures After Staking Launch

Minto released major statistics on October 26th, right after its staking launch. The BTCMT staking went live on October 21st, 2021.

The first day of the launch witnessed users staking over 4.4% of tokens. It allowed early investors to score an annual profit of around 1783.77%, with the reward multiplier placed at 18.84.

On the second day, users staked over 8.12% of the BTCMT tokens. It helped the initial investors incur a yearly profit of 922.89%. Minto commented on the development, stating that the annualized percentage rate (APR) will gradually decrease as BTCMT owners grow.

The statement was proven on the third day. With 9.82% of tokens staked, the APR dipped to 761.70%. While the number is still impressive, it lacks in comparison to the first two days.

Besides launching staking features, Minto is offering  BTCMT tokens in a presale at 1.5 dollars. The venture built data centers in Russia to run the project. The data centers account for an accumulated hashrate of 50,000 TH/s. (100 BTCMT = 1 TH/s) 

1,000,000 BTCMT are still available for staking during the presale, while the total token amount is 5,000,000 BTCMT. 

Minto specified that the tokens open prospects to mitigate risks and earn stable revenue even during a financial crisis. Passive income is a prevalent perk associated with the crypto industry, and Minto facilitates the same via staking.

It allows users to recoup if the market falls and multiply the capital when the market rises. The Minto team stated that standard cloud mining procedures via smart contracts and complex schemes are a thing of the past. Modern decentralized solutions ensure that users earn hefty profits with the option to leave the market anytime.

Minto boasts a verified hashrate as the project is developed on the HECO blockchain. Several industry experts have audited the BTCMT smart contract’s program code, verifying its security and operability. Minto is sure to leave a mark on the crypto industry with such functionalities on offer,

About Minto:


Minto is a virtual currency project where buyers and sellers earn rewards in Bitcoin by staking their BTCMT hashrate token. The venture released a high-octane data center capable of rendering 65 MW with built-in development territory in Russia. It generates energy using hydroelectric power plants, causing minimal to no not harm to the environment. Minto ensures to comply with every guideline, using only renewable resources emitting minimal carbon footprint. The venture aims to increase its hashrate to 120 MW, creating over two hundred permanent jobs.

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