Mises and HorizonDEX team up to enhance the Web3 experience

Mises Browser, or simply Mises, has announced that it has partnered with HorizonDEX, highlighting that all the terms have been reached and agreed upon. Moving forward, Mises will include HorizonDEX on its platform and recommend the same to its users. This gives HorizonDEX the much-needed reach to a newer audience.

Also, HorizonDEX will be added to the security whitelist by Mises. This will inform users that they are safe from phishing attacks when visiting the website. Users of Mises will have quick access to HorizonDEX as well.

Recommendations for the same will extend to the entire area of decentralized exchange, which is also referred to as DEX. They have stated in their announcement that HorizonDEX is the first concentrated liquidity decentralized exchange on Linea.

Mises is currently operating as a browser for mobile devices, specifically for the Web3 sphere. It is an extension-supported mobile browser that is known to be the fastest in the market. The development follows Mises sharing the good news with the community, informing members that it has officially opened an account with Zealey for a sprint that begins on July 21, 2023, and ends on July 31, 2023. Users can get into the mood of the competition by completing all the quests and claiming the reward.

Quests are different and specific to the platform. For instance, they have to connect with the account every day, follow them on Twitter, talk about it on the internet, and engage with the announcement by liking & re-tweeting it. Similarly, the community-specific quest requires participants to invite people from their social circle who are fans of Zealy.

These are not the only developments that Mises has seen in recent days. It partnered with RIIV Drop for four airdrops. A user only had to access Mises Browser to qualify for the airdrop. All four airdrops are at zero cost. The steps are pretty simple, beginning with downloading Mises Browser from the app store. Then, users must install the Metamask Wallet extension. Sign in to the wallet and connect it with the website.

Next, mint non-fungible tokens at only the network’s fees. Once the transaction is successful, users will qualify for another addition of NFT to another network. Users can also mint multiple NFTs on other networks.

HorizonDEX aligns with the sentiments of Mises Browser. This is evident from the fact that it most recently launched the HorizonDEX Loyalty Program. The benefits of the loyalty program depend on how much users trade and add liquidity to the platform. This would then affect the size of the $HZN airdrop after the launch.

HorizonDEX has most recently participated with Hapi, a venture around cybersecurity solutions. This is expected to strengthen the launch of $HAPI on HorizonDEX.

Mises Browser and HorizonDEX aim to enhance the experience of their users with security at the core of their missions. If their recent developments are anything to go by, then it is safe to assume that their partnering together is a positive step for Web3.

Roxanne Williams

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