Mises Browser and Beosin collaborate to promote Web3 infrastructure

Mises Browser took to Twitter to announce that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Beosin. The objective is to create a Web3 infrastructure that offers enhanced user experiences and services. Together, they will push the construction with security, application, and brand as their primary focuses.

Mises Browser has reportedly integrated Beosin Alert, enabling users to view alert data and receive real-time security notifications. Such vital information is delivered straight to users’ mobile devices.

Beosin Alert is on a continuous lookout to protect the interest of the users. It majorly shares real-time data during the security incidents like, but not limited to, rug pull, hacks, and flash loans. These activities pose a serious danger to the community whose members can lose funds to the bad actors involved in such activities.

The strategic partnership between Mises Browser and Beosin will help the users of Mises Browser in the following sections:-

  • Identification of a transaction that is risky to execute
  • Assessment of security
  • Security sentiment

Mises Browser allows users to access the Beosin Alert extension on their mobile devices. By using the application, visitors will be able to determine whether the website they are visiting is legitimate or operated by a scamster. Users will be able to report fraudulent websites by providing feedback to the team.

Mises Browser has verified that it will only feature websites that have already passed Beosin’s security and auditing procedures. Platforms can visit Beosin to seek a quote for a security audit of their services.

Web3 represents a near-future reality. Given the rate at which it is being embraced, it will be accurate to assert that Web3 will soon be here. As the world’s first Web3 browser, Mises Browser takes great pleasure in being a quick, safe, and extension-compatible mobile Web3 browser. The strategic alliance with Beosin follows the strategic partnership with DeNet, a social SaaS platform for Web2 and Web3 ecosystem-based firms.

Beosin covers smart contract audits, recovery of the cryptocurrencies that have been stolen, and monitoring the risk level of its partners. The collaboration with Mises Browser is yet another significant achievement for Beosin following the successful completion of a $20 million strategic fundraising round.

Beosin has protected over $502 billion in assets by reviewing almost 2426 smart contracts. According to a figure published by the company, the number of ecosystem users has surpassed 1 million. It has more than 20 years of experience in cybersecurity, which it uses while offering services to its partners.

By forming a strategic relationship, Mises Browser and Beosin have highlighted the value of having a security partner in place to safeguard users from malicious attackers.

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