Mises Browser announces a partnership with Joltify_Finance

Mises Browser has announced a partnership with Joltify_Finance. This effectively allows its users to access Joltify securely and seamlessly. For Joltify, this translates to gaining access to more than 2 million users of mobile Web3 browsers specifically for Web3 applications.

The community has expressed its optimism around the partnership on X. Members have said that partnerships like these are shaping the future of finance. Some have sought an explanation about how it will enhance the UX. It is safe to assume that the option to access Joltify helps users explore a sphere and unlock potential capabilities that can fetch productive results for them.

Meanwhile, Joltify is riding high on the possibility of getting listed on the XT.com Exchange. This comes after XT.com took to X to announce that it would shortly list JOLT on the platform. The schedule and instructions for deposits and withdrawals are yet to be shared.

Mises Browser is currently looking forward to hosting an on-chain-centric giveaway campaign. It is tentatively slated to happen on April 2, 2024, in association with Arthera, MagicCraft, and Thirdfy. Interestingly, Mises had sought from its members the next extension they wanted to see on the iOS version of the mobile app.

Mises Browser previously entered into a partnership with Wdym. This empowered users to access the Layer 3 social platform securely and quickly, pretty much like Joltify.

Developments like these are working well for Joltify’s native token – JLT. While the price is currently down by 1.24% in the last 24 hours, listed at $0.4058, there is a possibility that it could rise in the future. The token has surged by 579.48% in the last 365 days. There is no denying the fact that it could eventually soar again by the same number in the next 365 days.

What strengthens the community of Joltify is the fact that the team backs itself with security and transparency measures. CertiK recently audited both aspects. It labeled its contracts as the ones with the highest reliability and safety standards. There is a rise of 0.04 in score history, and the category score stands at 92.24. Joltify features in the top 10 percentile.

Joltify is now speculating about whether the bull market will sustain itself. This comes against the Bitcoin Fear & Greed Index backdrop, which emphasizes that the score has changed to 75, depicting greed. That is when BTC was listed at $67,234. The token is now at $69,641.56—possibly because accumulation has not stopped in recent times.

Moving forward, Mises Browser is looking to add support for more players in the market. This will, needless to say, enable its users to explore more spaces by accessing them.

A partnership between Joltify and Mises Browser depicts how well players can come together in the industry to accelerate innovation and help users gain access to it.

Trevor Holman

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