Mithril eyes the mainnet release in the summer

Mithril is in the final phase of testing. Meaning it will soon be ready for the mainnet launch. Needless to say, positive results in the testing phase have prompted the team to eye for the mainnet launch this summer. Mithril is basically a protocol and a signature scheme that is dedicatedly based on stake. It is known for boosting the syncing time between nodes without compromising security.

Mithril further helps to make effective decentralized decisions. Being a part of the Cardano ecosystem, Mithril has helped them achieve a lot in terms of use cases, applications, and efficiency.

Come summer and the mainnet launch could go live. An official announcement is yet to be made on the specific date and time for the same. However, the broader timeline helps everyone to understand that another milestone of the roadmap is sure to be achieved. Here are other launches that are scheduled by Mithril in its roadmap:

  • Mithril Beta – It has already been launched collectively with a group of volunteer SPOs.
  • Mithril MVP – It will help support the basic features of use cases as an incentivized protocol. This will include securing light wallets and speeding up the process of bootstrapping.
  • Mithril – This is the final launch that will happen in 2024, that is, in the next year. Mithril has been defined by the team as a fully decentralized and self-sustaining Mithril ecosystem.

The Mithril architecture consists of three components. All of them come together to make sure that the ecosystem functions in the desired manner. These are Mithril Signer, Mithril Aggregator, and Mithril Client.

Mithril Signer works with Mithril Aggregator as a node. It is tasked with operating transparently above the Cardano nodes of SPOs. Its objectives are:

  • Assisting in integration with the existing infrastructure of Cardano
  • Generating new key pairs
  • Take snapshots periodically of the entire state of the Cardano blockchain.

Mithril Aggregator is a trustless node that works with the Cardano node to:

  • Provide the necessary cadence
  • Collect signatures & combine them into multi-signatures
  • Create & store the Cardano database snapshot archive

Mithril Client interacts with Aggregator only when there is a need to retrieve essential components to restore nodes. It further retrieves the certificate chain that is linked with the snapshot.

Mithril Client is employed by a client when there is a need to ensure the validity and integrity of the snapshot plus certificate chain. Clients are at the beneficial end as they can verify the authenticity of the components that have been retrieved. Thereby facilitating a reliable and secure process of restoration.

Any SPO that has not joined the testing phase on the mainnet can do so by joining the official Discord channel. Mithril’s documentation has more pieces of information that can be reviewed at any time.

Once joined, they will be offered two ways to be a part of the Cardano Network. First, they can choose to run the entire node. Second, they can choose to run a lightweight client via third-party API.

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