MixMarvel will Attend Second Blockchain Conference in Wuzhen on November 8 to 9

MixMarvel, the world’s blockchain-based gaming company, will attend the second blockchain conference in Wuzhen for two days on November 8 and 9, 2019. Many famous people are invited to this event globally.

Many scholars, experts, innovators, leaders, and teachers from the blockchain background will attend this event and share their valuable experiences. They will share some of the essential technological topics like blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Assets, and 5G.

MixMarvel is a blockchain gaming company that is famous across the world. A team of developers and global players developed a large-scale virtual world in 3D. It is a supporting platform that helps developers to build blockchain-based games through two core technologies.

The theme of the conference is Limitless Applications. Some of the main topics included in the event will be tech frontiers, hot issues, application deployment, etc. that will help in shaping the infrastructure of the blockchain ecosystem. These discussions will help in the progression and evolution of blockchain technology.

MixMarvel will also participate in the blockchain event along with others. It is expected that MixMarvel will give a speech and focus mainly on blockchain as well as Industry launching. They will also discuss technology-related innovations to the elites of the gaming industry.

The CEO of MixMarvel, Jade Zhang, will share her thoughts and experiences on November 9, 2019. She will share the information on blockchain and games like Virtual games and real economy as well as Forum 3 on D-Future: The Future of Decentralized Finance.


On the other hand, the CSO of MixMarvel, Mary Ma, will share her thoughts and experiences similarly like Jade on November 8, 2019. She will give a speech on GameFi: The Path of Technology-driven innovation in the game industry and Forum 1 on The Birth and Evolution of Digital Assets.

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