Mocaverse and CoinList collaboratively launched MocaList, a platform for launching a token

Mocaverse is a Marquee growth network designed with an interoperable infrastructure layer of Identity, Account, Reputation, and PointFi systems implemented by Animoca Brands. It is a strategic alliance on the part of Mocaverse to connect with CoinList for co-launching MocaList integrating new ways for entertainment and culture within the blockchain ecosystem.

MocaList will be the foremost token that will be launched and co-branded by curating entertainment and culture projects. Their token is subjected to sales for Moca NFT, MOCA IDs, MOCS Coin, and among the CoinList community. The new launchpad provides an allowance for both CoinList and Mocaverse to participate in different exclusive sales of tokens and tap into the successful execution of the Mocaverse Partners Network by including CoinList and Animoca Brands along with their significant portfolio from 400 web3 projects.

MOCA Foundation is the cultural foundation centering around the community and agent of MOCA coin, which will hold inaugural sales of tokens from MOCA Coin exclusively within the MocaList. The CoinList users and Moca NFT holders, along with Moca ID, can have noteworthy access to the Waitlist and Guaranteed codes for the sales of MOCA Coin tokens sales. 

Through collaboration and co-launching on MocaList, Mocaverse, and CoinList approaches to set new crypto standards by focusing on quality and integrating commitment, exclusive access, and powerful network innovation and effects through compliance structure.

MocaList integrated MOCA Coin, Moca NFTs, and Moca IDs, where Moca ID will be a base feature of the MocaList Platform, to perform upcoming token sales by enabling the Moca IDs. This project stands differently and aloof from a neutral stance of project curation and prioritizing their quality by offering users the required opportunities for enhancing token sales.

MocaList is presently focused on designing powerful network effects by using 11 million CoinList Community adopters and enhancing its access to more than 400 Animoca Brands portfolio companies and 1 million Moca ID accounts by improving the growth of products and infrastructure.

MocaList will launch in April 2024, through which both Mocaverse and Animoca can deliver seamless and premium opportunities by rewarding Web3 technologies for communities.

About Mocaverse

Mocaverse assists in opening an interoperable infrastructure layer along with reputation, identity, and PointFi systems coming under the Mocaverse Partner Network approached by Animoca Brands coming under the Marquee growth network. Mocaverse initiates PointFi and Web3 identity systems where oca ID and NFT holders can seamlessly engage with more than 400 rewarding experiences.

About CoinList

CoinList supports the best builder in crypto launching by growing their protocols and products. Considering the community’s growth, CoinList has emerged as a visible global leader in supporting blue chip projects such as Solana, Filecoin, Near, ImmutableX, and Flow by selling more than $1 billion tokens.

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