Mocaverse NFT sees a surge of 563% in the last 3 months

Mocaverse NFT has grown by 563% in the last 3 months. A lot of the growth is credited to the value that Animoca Brands brings to the table. Mocaverse is a part of the NFT collection that comprises 8,888 NFTs. Holders of the said NFT are from different backgrounds. This includes Yat Siu, Wale.moca, and Father.moca.

It should not come as a surprise if the value keeps skyrocketing in the days to come. Other milestones that Mocaverse NFT has accomplished in recent times pertain to raising $20 million in September last year and fueling an additional $11.88 million in the last month, December 2023. Animoca Brands has a key milestone to its name as well. The ecosystem added over 380 projects to the native ecosystem.

It reflects a sense of trust that members and developers have. Animoca Brands is a close synonym for the NFT sphere. While other players are in the market, Animoca Brands takes the edge with innovative developments like Moca ID.

Per reports that have surfaced, it is safe to conclude that at least 200k Moca IDs have been minted.

Moca ID is imperative for community members, enabling them to manage their NFT seamlessly while also shaping the decentralized future. Moca ID is non-transferable, pretty much like a traditional ID. It demonstrates the identity of the holder, keeping them unique with self-sovereignty.

Mocaverse NFT has amazing numbers, too. It has achieved a volume worth $12.43 million and a market cap of $37.29 million. The rise is 50x the floor price, taking the collection to the top of the list regarding the best NFTs in terms of performance. Sales figures show that six will have sold for more than 10 ETH in 2023. That marks the top sales figure.

There are 2113 holders, including 13 whales and 430 blue chip holders. This is the all-time holders’ trend that is subject to change in the times to come.

Mocaverse NFT has 3775 royalty payers, with Machi Big Brother as the top royalty payer. The total ETH income has amounted to 611.

The exclusive utility it provides to holders is what actually drives the rise of the NFT collection. One of the many exclusive benefits is early access to research papers. Other features include The Sandbox gaming perks and the option to transfer voting rights to Animoca Brands’ token governance.


December was a rather good month for NFT sales. The Bitcoin blockchain recorded a sales figure of more than $881 million in the last month of 2023. This is bigger than other players in the market that are based on Solana and Ethereum.

NFTs have continued to grow since their inception amid the ongoing feud about royalty. This relates to the royalty war that lasted for months between Blur and OpenSea.

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