Modex Joins Hands With Product Lead for International Exposure

Product Lead, the leading platform that offers excellent tools for social media marketing, has announced the news of its collaboration with renowned blockchain database firm, Modex, which operates with its widespread network through offices in Bucharest, London, Monaco, Gibraltar, and Silicon Valley.

According to the recent piece of information on the strategic partnership between the two leading firms, Product Lead will explore the potential of the blockchain niche by proliferating its widescale martech offerings into the industry. This crucial team-up will pave the way for Product Lead to make a smashing entry in the decentralized ledger technology space for the first time ever.

Having established themselves as big players and influencers in their respective industries both, Product Lead and Modex are adamant about employing their brilliant products in bringing a revolution in the blockchain industry. They aim to put in their joint efforts to create solutions that have the caliber to cater to the requirements of the international marketspace.

Modex Blockchain Database renders the entities with the golden opportunity to bring into real existence their first blockchain project in lesser time, reduced cost, high-grade data security, and time efficiency. At this growing stage, Modex is taking sincere efforts to strengthen and innovate its business structure by infusing the expertise of Product Lead’s data monitoring solutions right away into its mainframe ecosystem. The integration will infuse a data-based strategy into the Modex system, which will help it in the identification and reporting of real-time operations.

Interestingly, Modex already has access to actionable data, which helps it to predict industry events and design necessary solutions in the specified time so that none of its departments have to face any unfavorable hassle. The firm has been at the forefront in expanding its product range as well as its customer base and is also actively involved in organizing international events and campaign launching. This critical strategy adopted by the firm will give Modex a chance to make its strong presence in the international parlance, which has its share of pros and cons. Entry into the international marketspace opens new doors for scalability achievement. To achieve its goal, Modex pegged on the creative offering of Product Lead, the Creative Automation, which automates the creative processes in all promotional channelizing mediums.

Creative Automation boosts marketing campaigns by designing thousands of ads, stories, or web widgets for the concerned projects in minutes. The platform clubs clients’ visual stuff with user-generated content and then organizes them into templates studded with logos, copy, layout, buttons, etc. Modex will use the advanced creatives engine during the launch of its new product to achieve its aim of international exposure.


At present, the team-up between brands and content creators is in its nascent state. Product Lead, with its world-class martech offerings, provides the audience to indulge in the excellence of influencer marketing 0.2: e-commerce firms and social media influencers. The partnership will provide a techno framework allowing businesses to track, scale, and release funds. The modern advertising techniques on social media platforms bring down the scale of vulnerabilities to zero.

Trevor Holman

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