Analysts predict Mollars ICO token has higher ROI potential than Chainlink & Polygon

The initial coin offering for $MOLLARS, the new Bitcoin of the Ethereum Blockchain, is on fire. The token presale has reached nearly 350,000 tokens sold and is close to closing out its 2nd round stage and increasing in price from 0.40 cents to 0.45 cents. Adding to the flaming hot ICO, various analysts suggest the store-of-value token could yield early investors +9,500,000% ROI, outperforming Chainlink (LINK) and Polygon (MATIC).

Why is Mollars ICO selling tokens so fast?

CryptoPotato was the first to break a story, calling the Mollars coin “the New Bitcoin.” The crypto media giant was dead on point with the find, and since then, reports have been published on CoinMarketCap and, echoing the bold statement.

The reason $MOLLARS tokens are being called ‘the New Bitcoin’ is because it will mimic many of the original crypto coin’s ($BTC) traits. However, using the Ethereum-Blockchain will eliminate the extremely high fees associated with swapping Bitcoins.

In layman’s terms, “Mollars Saves Dollars”.

Mollars is a store-of-value [SOV] token, just like BTC. Also, it will parallel the ownership structure of its elder rival, with the founder relinquishing all rights to all tokens to crypto exchanges.

Why do crypto investors view Mollars ($MOLLARS) infrastructure as better than Chainlink ($LINK) and Polygon ($MATIC)?

Once the token goes public, every token minted will be sold via the privy ICO presale or on a decentralized crypto exchange. Neither the owner nor the developers associated with building the crypto brand will be given free tokens. Unlike brands such as the ERC-20 network’s top tokens — Chainlink ($LINK) and Polygon ($MATIC), the Mollars market value can not face several ‘pump and dump’ issues associated with owners & staff holding onto massive amounts of tokens for personal use.

This also means the $MOLLARS token is totally decentralized. It follows the fundamental rules of conduct for creating cryptos. Satoshi created cryptocurrency to help free the world of government & big banks’ grip by allowing peer-to-peer transactions via an autonomous digital currency system. Chainlink ($LINK) and Polygon ($MATIC) both have publicly known owners who may have ‘hidden factors’ that their investors are blind to.


Chainlink ($LINK) was founded by Sergey Nazarov and Steve Ellis in 2017. Nazarov is visible on LinkedIn today and lists himself as the CEO and owner of Chainlink. He suggests Bitcoin ETFs will fuel the crypto market’s coming bull run. If those investing in the Exchange Traded Funds [ETF] for $BTC get into cryptos, however, perhaps Mollars saving dollars will motivate them to also pour funds into the store-of-value token on crypto’s best blockchain [Ethereum] as well. It’s the only way they will save themselves from the record-breaking swappage fees of Bitcoin in 2024.

Polygon (MATIC) also has googlable founders, Anurag Arjun, Kanani, and Sandeep Nailwal. However, according to reports, this team did partially release ownership of the $MATIC coin. However, this was after the launch of the token on public crypto exchanges, and though highlighting 10 billion tokens will be Polygon’s total supply in time, ‘How many tokens do the Polygon founders keep?’ was never answered.

That’s a problem.

Not knowing a public cryptocurrency owner’s coin holdings of the brand they started is always a problem. It always happens with centralized digital currencies and is another reason crypto sharks, fishes, crabs, and shrimps move funds into the Mollars initial coin offering every 5 minutes.

Investors Building Up Their Mollars ($MOLLARS) Presale Token Holdings For 2024 & The Next Decade
Investors Building Up Their Mollars ($MOLLARS) Presale Token Holdings For 2024 & The Next Decade

The creator of the Mollars token, like Bitcoin’s founder Satoshi Nakamoto, does not want to be publicly known. The creator will remain an enigma to the world, only aiming to solve the high fees related to $BTC trading.

The riches are in the detail. Investors are smelling a unicorn event in crypto with Mollars, and that’s driving investors.

Analyst’s prediction on ICO explosion was correct

Analysts report last week that Mollars ($MOLLARS) ICO token supply would sell out before the end of February appears to be 100% correct. In just the last 48 hours alone, nearly 250,000 tokens have been sold. At this rate, the full supply for the initial coin offering could sell out in just over three weeks if the rate of token presales grows even less.

With that analyst being correct in their first prediction, the second and third predictions of that analyst and others will move investors to buy fast. Chainlink (LINK) and Polygon (MATIC) whales and sharks will swim to the new pool with them.

Analysts short term ROI yields a prediction of +10,000%

The latest prediction for short-term ROI yields for Mollars ICO tokens is +10,000%, a true crypto moon shot. One analyst predicts the new Bitcoin will continue trending and sell out its complete supply of tokens — 10 Million $MOLLARS.

If that sellout happens after a public crypto exchange(s) launch, the analyst believes the token will skyrocket in value due to demand. Furthermore, once the token is being sold in “Molls,” demand should drive the whole $MOLLARS token value into the hundreds or thousands of dollars before 2024’s end. 

A +10,000% yield of this nature would turn an investment of just one token ($0.40) today into a value of $44. The decimal would move to the left twice. A Mollars ICO token investment of $1000 would turn into $101,000 per CalculatorSoup.

That short-term ROI is massive and ‘big green’ for any trader’s portfolio. However, long-term yields will keep traders holding onto some $MOLLARS even if they sell some for profit. The 10-year prediction is Goliath!

One analyst, who’s been published on CoinMarketCap, believes in a ‘wildcard event’ where Mollars saving dollars for traders & new-age adoption levels will make the new Bitcoin’s brand so big its token value takes on a similar trajectory as $BTC from its ICO in 2011.

Since its 2011 Initial Coin Offering, Bitcoin has yielded returns on investment of over +20,000,000%. The early risk-takers of the founding Store-of-Value token who invested & held just $100 have seen returns of over $20,000,100.

The analyst believes with Mollars having only a 10-million total supply compared to Bitcoin’s 21-million max token supply; it could possibly see just under half of Bitcoin’s ROI yields within or near 10 years. The estimated total for the long-term yield is +9,500,000%.


This goliath ROI yield is 9500x of the initial value. A $1000 investment into Mollars ICO at its opening price would yield a return of $9,501,000 if that wildcard prediction did fall true.

After seeing the first analyst’s prediction materialize, investors now have their eyes on the ICO activity and click buy every 5 minutes. And while prices of the token will go up with each round, every investor that buys $MOLLARS should have the opportunity to gain profits after it launches on crypto exchanges at a price of $0.62 (cents).

However, big investors, the smart money, are looking for yields of +10,000% in the short term. And the smartest are likely to hold some tokens until 2035 in case the 3rd prediction, long-term yields of +9,500,00%, do fall true. If that 3rd prediction is found true, in 10 years, blog sites and social media will be writing stories about investors who are ‘now buying’ homes and cars from 2024 Mollars investments.

Nonetheless, follow the Mollars Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in real-time and buy presale tokens via the official website —

More updates on how Chainlink (LINK) and Polygon (MATIC) coin holders will soon migrate funds to the $MOLLARS presale tokens.

Disclaimer:  This article is not a financial advice. CryptoNewsZ does not endorse or guarantee the accuracy of the content. Readers should verify information independently and exercise caution when dealing with any mentioned company. Investing in cryptocurrencies is risky, and seeking advice from a qualified professional is recommended.

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