SHIB, BONK, & DOGE ROI Yields predictions far from Mollars’ +9,500,00% forecast — ICO surging to 1M tokens sold

Shiba Inu (SHIB), Pepe (PEPE), Bonk Inu (BONK), and Dogecoin (DOGE) ROI Yields are not going to come close to what Mollars ICO investors get according to recent predictions.

Currently in its 3rd round of its Initial Coin Offering, the “New Bitcoin” for the 250-million crypto wallets utilizing the Ethereum Blockchain has moved up in price by 5 cents to $0.45 cents, but analyst predictions suggest instant, short-term and long-term ROI yields will far outperform memecoins, most altcoins, and even possibly Bitcoin & Litecoin.

‘Instant’ ROI Yield of +37.7% In 4 Months or Less

Instant wise, the $MOLLARS token will launch on its first crypto exchange at a price point of $0.62. That’s 17 cents above the current token price of $0.45. This will give investors close to a +37.7% ROI yield in less than 4 months, possibly even under 2. 

The Mollars token will launch on its first exchange in May 2024 or after it reaches the hard cap limit. Only 4 million tokens will be sold during the presale, raising $2 million — the hard cap.

This ICO will close early if or when the total presale coin supply is acquired by crypto traders. Selling over 300k tokens on Wednesday, the Mollars Initial Coin Offering is likely to close in late January or early February at the rate investors are annexing supply.

Mollars Token

After launch, the branding value will begin being built by a team of marketing professionals, according to the $MOLLARS white papers. The goal of the group, by assumption, is to get across the message that ‘Mollars Saves Dollars’ is for anyone who wants a Bitcoin-like token without the fees of the Bitcoin-Blockchain.

Mollars Offers a Solution For Traders Wishing to Avoid Bitcoin’s Trading Fees, The Cryptocurrency Industry’s Most Costly Blockchain

The $BTC is on the most expensive chain of all those in crypto. The average trade (buy or sell) for Bitcoins was $39 last year, 2023. There are even recorded fees of $500,000 to $3.1 million that were taken from Bitcoin Whales … on accident.

That’s an accident that won’t happen with Mollars. It’s on the Ethereum Blockchain, which is cheaper in fees than $BTC and faster in completing tasks. Mollars is also a store-of-value token like Bitcoin but has an even smaller total token supply than the original SOV coin [Bitcoin]. In fact, Mollars will have only 10 million tokens minted in comparison to Bitcoin’s 21 million coins.

Short-Term ROI Gains — $135 Investment See $51,000 Yielded

Between scarcity and brand marketing, Mollars is expected to sell out its total supply before 2024’s end. Analysts predict that if that happens, the token could see a parabolic increase and 1000x in value. If this prediction does come true, those who invest $135 into $MOLLARS tokens during this 3rd round stage would see a return on investment of around $51,000.

The reason this increase is expected to happen is scarcity. After Mollars’ total supply of 10 Million coins is gone, crypto traders will have to take notice. Demand will likely continue, and then traders will begin buying fractional tokens called “Molls.” The Moll will be a ‘piece’ of a Mollars token, similar to what the “Satoshi” is for Bitcoins.

Mollars Token

Once users are buying those fractions, traders with whole tokens will see drastic increases in their price as it’s in much higher demand. Those increases will likely create a buying frenzy as the majority of traders on public exchanges follow the trend. However, the money is made by those who strike early — the ICO stage.

Prediction: SHIB, Pepe, Doge, Bonk, BTC, nor LTC Will See Yields Close To What Mollars Offers in 2024

These estimates already blow out any predictions or estimates that can sensibly be made for elder memecoins and altcoins. Their ‘crypto moon shot’ days have passed. Shiba Inu (SHIB), Dogecoin (DOGE), Bonk Inu (BONK), Pepe (PEPE), Bitcoin (BTC), and Litecoin (LTC) are solutions to a current problem that’s affecting hundreds of millions of crypto traders. Not a problem that will save traders their money.

Smart money will protect the crypto assets in their wallets. That’s why the Crypto Sharks are buying over $17,000 in Mollars ICO tokens in a single purchase. A new ‘store-of-value’ token that will save them $39 and up per trade makes the most sense to even the simplest mind.

The short-term gains, however, are not the biggest predictions by far.

Smart money makes investments for the ‘long term’ most of the time. The Mollars ICO is no different than Gold. Buy, stack, and hold is what one ‘wildcard prediction’ is suggesting all traders do. 

Mollars ($MOLLARS) Long-Term ROI Yields Predictions Look Incredible
Mollars ($MOLLARS) Long-Term ROI Yields Predictions Look Incredible

Crypto Analyst Suggests Traders Hold On To $Mollars Tokens Long-Term, possibly 10 Years

That prediction suggests that early ICO investors could see a hyper-parabolic increase in Mollars token’s value due to demand. The scarcity of tokens available and that demand could push the $MOLLARS price up in a similar, same, or even greater trajectory than the one Bitcoin took from its ICO in 2011 through the decade. The results of that demand for fractional ‘Molls’ could push the price of Ethereum-Blockchain’s new bitcoin up +9,500,000%.

Yields of 9.5 million percent may sound miraculous, but in cryptos, this happens every so often. Bitcoin (SHIB) has yielded +20,000,000 to its ICO investors. Shiba Inu (SHIB) yielded +43,800,000% [report]. Other major Initial Coin Offerings include Binance (BNB), Chainlink (LINK), EOS (EOS), Cardano (ADA), and, of course, Ethereum (ETH).

Of all of those Initial Coin Offerings, the only tokens that saved hundreds of millions of users money in their daily trading activities were Ethereum and Binance. Bitcoin was simply the first coin ever. Shiba Inu simply had great marketing. However, Mollars offers a solution. It’s valuable to people being smart with their money. It will increase the value of holdings in traders’ wallets actively using a store-of-value token — Mollars Saves Dollars.

Why Mollars Has a Better ROI Yields Prediction Than Shiba Inu (SHIB), Chainlink (LINK), Cardano (ADA), Binance (BNB), and other Top ICO Tokens of the past?

Since it has that solution and is a rival to the world’s #1 store-of-value cryptocurrency, but based on a better & cheaper Blockchain, the heights demands can reach are limitless. That demand will fuel the ROI yields.

It’s been a few years since the crypto world has seen a token’s value go hyper-parabolic. The last was probably Shiba Inu (SHIB), back in 2021. Other tokens have seen +10,000% gains, but none that did this had a true infrastructure for the long term.

Mollars Token

Mollars, with its million-dollar liquidity pool, ability to lower fees on a decentralized SOV token, and no ownership, has all the makings for the next major crypto moonshot.

All 10 million tokens will be put on the market for smart money to buy, and then fractions will be sold in “Molls.” The crème de la crème investors will invest during the ICO stages. If it explodes, perhaps “MODS,” the Mollars Over Dollars group of investors sharing updates on Reddit (r/MollarsToken), will be the next crypto society to unite in Dubai.

To date, USDT holders have increased in transactions by 400% and Ethereum-token holders buy into the presale every 10 minutes. One Crypto Shark bought nearly $18,000 of $Mollars in one transaction. Nearly 600k tokens have been sold in this ICO and are close to a quarter-million-dollar. It’s likely to surpass 1 million tokens sold before January 19th.

700,000 tokens must be sold for the token presale to close out the 3rd round and move into its next phase. Token prices will increase from the current $0.45 (cents) price point by 5 cents in the 4th phase.

Going up to $0.50 is a small increase but still a big loss to smart investors. With crypto investments, a 5-cent difference can mean missing out on thousands of dollars of profits when something’s value or sales go hyper-parabolic.

The entire ICO is expected to close by February 2024 with the $2MM hard cap limit fulfilled and current records for single buys shattered.

Why do Crypto Investors Invest?


Crypto investors are given these big returns in exchange for their support in the establishment and building of a cryptocurrency project. For Mollars, this includes the token’s infrastructure, a web3 dAPP, brand marketing, and the professionals hired to handle all aspects of the technological advancement.

The people believe in Mollars, and that’s evident. And the people have the power. This token presale could be one for the record books by all means.

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