Momentum 6 Partners With HydraSwap As a Strategic Investor

On  15 August 2021, HydraSwap broke the much-anticipated news of its partnership with Momentum 6 to the entire community. Momentum 6, which specializes in investment and business expansion consultancy, has decided to strategically invest in HydraSwap, like many others. It currently targets the development of digital assets and the spectrum of blockchain networks. The initiatives within the portfolio of HydraSwap have its full backing, including access to growth consultancy services, and all-encompassing propel for digital marketing.  All such initiatives will contribute to the rapid growth of the firm within the ecosystem of blockchain technology. 

According to  Garlam Won, the CEO of M6, they have invested their resources in this leading fungibility consolidator primarily due to the cross-chain transactions beyond boundaries that HydraSwap carries out with the trade processor of the Solana Blockchain. In fact, HydraSwap has acquired the title of the “smartest DEX” by overcoming the obstacles of liquidity for its projects. It is possible by employing a more advanced level of liquidity via the HMM core, thereby facilitating CEX-level commercial dealings. With the Hydra Market Maker, the liquidity providers can get increased flexibility on their deals, and the traders will also be able to avail of better fungibility. 

Garlam stresses the importance of cross-chain liquidity consolidation blockchain ecosystems by predicting that DeFi projects, traders, and liquidity providers will renounce platforms that do not operate on cross-chain. In fact, Garlam’s specialization lies in constructing ecosystems that can be interoperated across the initiatives within portfolios. Such specialization in interoperable ecosystems is highly valued by HydraSwap, which will utilize this knowledge to expand its cross-chain DeFi base and induce cross-chain swapping, wagering, lending, and mining. To boost the further development of HydraSwap, the experts in M6 will engage in fundraising on blockchain and marketing.

David Cox

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