Monday working well for the cryptocurrency markets.

With the onset of Monday, an increase has been noticed in the prices of the various virtual currencies, all of them are in the green section. It is believed that some of the digital currencies are still rising, therefore, the recovery over the weekend has worked out well for the digital currencies. The currencies which are doing very well in the market are Stellar, Reddcoin, Siacoin, and OX. All these coins have been doing very well in the market. Coming to the prominent cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is making attempts to regain the market dominance, however, even as it is expected to remain bullish, it is yet to regain its original position in the market. In a similar manner, Ethereum is also functioning at its lowest and is making attempts to recover from the slump that it has entered in the past months. It is gradually moving towards a better position in the sector.

The graphs today indicate that the altcoins have been performing exceptionally well in the sector, even as they are not as popular as Bitcoin, they have seen a rapid progress in the past weekend. It has also been noticed that the prominent currencies such as  Bitcoin and Ethereum are having a harder time recovering than the various altcoins. The performer amongst the altcoins is Stellar, which has made up to 8%, the next in line is Cardano. However, there are various other altcoins which have still not been able to make the best in the field.

The total growth in the field is noticed by 1%. The recovery in the market has been over 10%. There has been a degradation in the position of Bitcoin following XRP doing better in the market than Ethereum, Ethereum has taken the second spot.

This week saw a lot of changes in the virtual currency sector over the past week.

Kavya Lakhani

Kavya is one of the integral members of the CryptoNewsZ Journalists team. She manages the team of correspondents and researches for the platform. She holds a master's degree in Journalism and has cryptocurrency trading experience as well. She constantly follows the cryptocurrency ecosystem with a passion for decentralized fin-tech. You can also mail her at [email protected] to discuss anything related to her reports.

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