Monero & OKB holders look for alternatives: Analysts recommend Pomerdoge for high growth

The constant rise and fall, leading to rapid changes, makes the crypto industry infamous for its volatile nature.

Monero (XMR) and OKB, despite their latest partnerships, are two coins that have witnessed bearish sentiments lately. As a result of this decline, investors are now seeking alternative investment options.

However, all is not dark, as the crypto world welcomes a new altcoin, Pomerdoge (POMD). Analysts and investors alike have been showing interest in Pomerdoge due to its high growth potential.


  • Bears are in the driver’s seat for Monero despite demand for its next-gen miner.
  • OKB struggles to maintain its market position; meanwhile, OKX, its wallet, partners with Bucket Protocol.
  • Pomerdoge is a possible new competitor in the market for the best altcoin position.

Monero’s (XMR) miner bags preorder contract

Monero has been an investor favorite in crypto due to its privacy and anonymity. Viepra Techink ordered a next-gen Monero (XMR) miner in a groundbreaking partnership. Thus, the Monero miner, specifically designed to mine Dodge and LTC coins, holds the power to revolutionize the way digital currencies are mined.

Despite specializing in a specific niche, this move can lead to the advancement of the crypto industry and usher in an era of specialized mining tools.

However, the partnership hasn’t helped XMR’s price. Thus, Monero has been on a downturn and experienced a drop of 3.82%. Moreover, the weekly charts showcase a fall of 0.46%. However, the daily chart has favored Monero, portraying a rise of 0.71%. Thus, Monero (XMR) is trading hands at $156.65.

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OKB’s exchange, OKX, integrates with Bucket Protocol

Being a native token of the OKEx cryptocurrency exchange, OKB serves a range of functions in the ecosystem. Thus, OKB’s intrinsic value greatly depends on the adoption and popularity of the OKEx exchange.

OKB’s wallet, OKX, has integrated with Bucket Protocol, a decentralized protocol that utilizes collateral to ensure capital efficiency at no unpredicted interest payments.

Moreover, with a growth rate of 1.05%, OKB is attempting to maintain its position in the market. Additionally, OKB is currently exchanging hands at $47.98.

Pomerdoge (POMD) rises up the ranks

Pomerdoge, a new contender in the market, has been showcasing the potential for high growth amidst the investor panic due to the decline in other coins. Furthermore, Pomerdoge has established itself as a legitimate and safe investment. Thus, investors can rest assured about the safety of their investment as Pomerdoge ensures liquidity locked in for life.

Moreover, investors can gain various incentives by being a part of its presale. These incentives include a share of the revenue from the game, which is proportional to the tokens held, and access to 7,777 NFTs that are set to launch in August or September.

Additionally, being a P2E game, Pomerdoge allows users to connect with players on a global scale. This feature enables networking and a competitive environment. Having grown by 2000% in 2022, the gaming industry holds huge potential. Thus, by investing in Pomerdoge, investors can tap this potential and make big gains.

With these unique offerings, analysts are certain that Pomerdoge will get ahead of other contenders, such as Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, etc., to establish itself as the best altcoin of 2023. Investors can take home big gains by investing early during its presale. The presale price of POMD is $0.008.

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