Monero Developers Announce Successful Completion of RandomX Upgrade

The Monero community has broadcasted the news about the successful upgradation of its network to a new revolutionary Proof-of-Work algorithm branded as RandomX. With Monero community facing a hard time because of the sudden delisting from the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, the latest upgradation is expected to benefit the platform in a big way.

According to the latest official announcement, RandomX will operate on random code execution in collaboration with memory-hard processing to be ASIC-resistant. Before the hard fork, the Monero network had been exposed to an array of crucial upgrades. In September, the community exercised the testing on private testnet successfully. The early phase of this month saw the rollout of CLI v0.15.0.0 Carbon Chamaeleon from the Monero community, who requested investors and exchanges to adopt the upgrade.

Live streaming on YouTube was conducted by the Monero Community Workgroup just before the processing of the upgradation process. The developers conveyed to the users that post the upgrade, the system will be ready for use on general-purpose CPUs, thereby making the platform more decentralized in its approach.

The chief maintainer of Monero, Riccardo Spagni, aka FluffyPony, during the live streaming session, stated that “And I think this is just another checkpoint in proving that Monero is decentralized. You know, it’s just out of a very real fact pattern.”

Monero Outreach confirmed the upgrade news through a tweet stating, “Congratulations to the @Monero community on what appears to be a successful network upgrade! Here’s to potential several years of an ASIC-free network. One CPU, one vote, thanks to #RandomX!”


The Monero network garnered a lot of negative publicity a few days back when it was reported that the CLI binaries were eventually compromised. Later, the team announced that the issue had been taken into account by the professionals working on the platform.

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