As Monero falters, InQubeta disrupts the crypto space with innovative AI technology

In the competitive and ever-fluctuating world of cryptocurrencies, tokens often rise and fall based on the whims of market sentiment, innovation, and technological progress. Recently, Monero (XMR), once hailed as a champion of privacy and decentralization, has shown signs of waning influence. But as one star dims, another shines brighter — the star in question, InQubeta, with its QUBE token, is becoming a formidable force harnessing AI technology’s power to reshape the crypto universe’s contours.

InQubeta’s ascendancy in the AI landscape

The domain of AI technology, rife with potential and constant evolution, has often remained aloof from the average investor. This is largely due to the risks associated with start-ups and the lack of resources to tap into their potential. InQubeta is changing this narrative by introducing the world’s first crypto crowdfunding platform.

InQubeta’s mission is to democratize investment in AI startups, a venture once limited to the corridors of Silicon Valley. The platform’s brilliance lies in its ability to allow fractional investments in AI start-ups using its native QUBE tokens, ensuring that even the layman can partake in the AI revolution. This heralds a more inclusive and equitable future for AI investments, potentially resulting in breakthroughs that will transform our world.

Powering ahead with QUBE

QUBE, as an ERC20 token, doesn’t function as a mode of transaction but as a ticket into the expansive world of AI. It offers a tantalizing mix of rewards for holders, from its deflationary nature, with taxes earmarked for burning and rewarding, to the active participation it fosters. InQubeta’s NFT marketplace allows QUBE holders to leverage their holdings, engaging in fractional investments that mirror the growth potential of AI start-ups. This benefits the investor and funnels much-needed resources to start-ups, propelling AI advancements.


In addition, QUBE is not just about investments. The token’s governance capabilities mean holders aren’t just passive participants; they have a say in shaping InQubeta’s trajectory, influencing its decisions, operations, and vision. The ongoing presale has garnered massive attention, with more than $2.1 million raised. The token value currently stands at 60% higher than the starting price and is still in the early stages of the presale.

Monero’s unsteady stance

Monero’s faltering position isn’t an isolated event but a reflection of how rapidly the crypto world evolves. While its privacy-centric model had previously garnered significant interest, the token is currently grappling with market dynamics and increased regulatory scrutiny. Its once-unquestioned reign is now facing challenges from innovative tokens like QUBE that offer something more than just financial transactions – a vision and a roadmap to the future.


The crypto space, characterized by its rapid shifts, is as much about technology as it is about vision. While traditional tokens like Monero grapple with market forces, newcomers like InQubeta, backed by tangible tech like AI, are signaling the dawn of a new era. The story of InQubeta and QUBE is just beginning, and if current trends are any indicator, their journey will be nothing short of spectacular.

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